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Custom Software Development

Every business differs from the others. This means that the functionality offered by a pre-packed enterprise software solution is not always enough to cater the unique requirements of a business company. That is why we, at Shiv Technolabs, create customized solutions that meet the specific challenges faced by a business. We build software tailored to your own enterprise.

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ERP and CRM Development

Enterprise Resource Planning frameworks have made some amazing progress in quickening business development. ERP engages associations with constant access to data and empowers them to take snappy choices to help development. Be that as it may, ERP applications are not normal programming applications; they straightforwardly affect how the business acts. As a rule, existing business forms must be re-built and mapped to the business procedure as characterized in the ERP framework. This has numerous ramifications – the way to deal with creating resources, usage and consequent framework sustenance must be deliberately figured out how to procure the maximum capacity of an ERP execution.

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Application Migration

Application Migration is a process where one app is transferred from one place to another to make it better. There are many application migration consultants who help in migrating the apps from one source to another. Sometimes, the cloud apps are also not portable to transfer apps; therefore we need some application migration companies.Applications made on different cloud advancement stages, for example, Windows Azure, Google App Engine and, are normally intended to keep running on the stages they were produced on.

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System Integration

System Integration is the procedure of uniting the segment subsystems into one System and guaranteeing that the subsystems work together as a System. In data innovation, Systems incorporation is the procedure of connecting together diverse figuring Systems and programming applications physically or practically, to go about as an organized whole.A system is an accumulation of subsystems coordinating so that the system can convey the overall usefulness. System integration includes incorporating existing frequently divergent systems. System Integration is likewise about increasing the value of the system, capacities that are conceivable due to collaborations between subsystems.

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