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Web Design

Shiv Technolabs is an innovative Web Design Company with years of involvement in fulfilling web architecture prerequisites crosswise over nations and enterprise companies. We are the best UI/UX design company in India and have a group of specialists who spent significant time in making sites with keen outlines to help our clients achieve their goals by providing a creative, technical as well as attractive and catchy design. Shiv Technolabs offers a wide range of website designing services like Graphic Design, Static Web Design, Dynamic Web Design, Responsive Web Design, Custom Web Design, Corporate Web Design, Template Design, Web Portal Design, and Customized Template Design.

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Mobile Ui Design

Mobile phones’ world is fast, responsive and growing at a rapid pace. Mobile technology changes every day and with technology does design. Mobile applications should have a vibrant, easy to use, and versatile, cross-platform supportive and user engaging design. Snap centers must be usable for touch-based decision with a finger. On smaller screens, the UI should not senselessly overpower the screen dimensions. Design needs to fit different screen sizes. We are proud of our exclusive mobile UI design services. We create robust, up to date and attractive mobile UI design.

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Graphics Design

Shiv Technolabs is a Graphic Design Company that offers a scope of unmatchable graphic designing services for your business. We have successfully completed different projects and our customers are spread in every corner of the world. Whatever is your prerequisite, a handout, logo, pennant or going to card for your business, on the off chance that it identifies with illustrations, we can do it for you. Shiv Technolabs is the best Graphic Design Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India that conveys end-to-end solution for your digital needs.

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Logo Design

logo designer creates the branding used to symbolize a particular brand or product, usually through visually pleasing and identifiable graphics and typography. These designers typically have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, with coursework in composition, marketing, and drawing.

A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles, that together, form a perceived image for a business or product.

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Banner Design

A banner can be a flag or other piece of cloth bearing a symbol, logo, slogan or other message. A flag whose design is the same as the shield in a coat of arms (but usually in a square or rectangular shape) is called a banner of arms. Also, a bar shape piece of non-cloth advertising material sporting a name, slogan, or other marketing message.

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Stationary Design

business stationery can be a subtle yet highly effective way of getting your message across. Invoices, letterhead, compliment slips and business cards are important tools to have in the locker as part of an overall communications strategy.

Branding a company’s stationery is commonly underestimated for its power to advertise for the company, as well as boost a feeling of belonging internally. We enjoy designing stationery branding to make them cool enough to show off.

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HTML5 is the key to be in line with the latest technologies and thus to get an ultra-modern website. Its advance features like local storage, canvas, audio and video tags are used in sync with CSS3 and JavaScript to create a bug-free design. The HTML5 conversion followed by our firm has only one aim, to gain a great online visibility among the large audience base. The pixel-perfect transitions from the original PSD files into the HTML5 markups give birth to the web designs that are not only pretty but also load fast even in spotty data connections.

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Game Ui Design

Game UI design is different than other designs as consistency and integrity of the design is focused while developing the design. Game design occupies resources, time and is fully responsive. Shiv technolabs create a game design that supports the coding of the game and give each game a smooth flow and high-level consistency in design plus complete support between the front end and back end developed iterations.

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Prototype & Wireframe

A wire-frame is a visual representation of a three-dimensional object used in 3D PC designs. Using a wire-outline show permits perception of the hidden plan structure of a 3D display. Shiv labs create excellent 3D wire-frames that provide complete functionality and creative, state of the art design.

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