Best Practices for Laravel Development


Use the Latest Version

Always prefer to use the latest version of Laravel Development Service for the website. You will get a web solution that is highly-performing and secure.

Laravel 7 is now released and has many new features such as Blade component tags, Laravel Airlock, better routing speed, custom eloquent casts, New HTTP client, and CORS support and so on.


Maintain Coding Standards

Laravel also follows internal code development standards, where you can be sure to keep your variables compatible with the composer. Laravel does not keep any restrictions for following the coding standards. But the experts’ advise you to follow the PSR-2 & PSR-4 coding standards for your project.

The PSR-2 has a single style guide for PHP code that results in uniformly formatted shared code. The PSR-4 describes a specification for auto-loading classes from file paths. It is fully interoperable, that can be used for any other auto-loading specification and describes where to place files that will be auto-loaded as per specification. You can also use tools like GrumPHP for improving Laravel Coding Standards.


Use Artisan CLI

Laravel provides you its own artisan CLI for making your web development smooth by using the Symfony console component as its foundation. You can choose one of the best artisan CLI for a better web development process.

Artisan CLI affects the web development process in a positive manner where you can also use different tools for your project. Artisan commands also helps in task scheduling & triggering actions on the occurrence of an event. You can fire an Artisan command from an HTTP route by using an Artisan façade.


Use Plugins Wisely

Instead of using several plugins & services in your Laravel web solution you can simply disable the unwanted plugins which are not required for your project with the help of the developer. Such a step will not disturb the rest of the functions that are already running on the website.


Using Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM is one of the best features of the Laravel website that is used for extracting data from a single query & displayed to the end-user. While using Laravel, you have to take care of the naming convention of your model.

By ensuring the following process, you will be able to make sure that your promoted web solution does not have to face any issues related to eloquent.



SSL makes the information unreadable to everyone else apart from the recipient. SSL certification is also used in the project by Hire Laravel Developers for keeping sensitive information encrypted on the internet. In this way when the data is sent to a person, only that particular person is able to access it & decrypt it.

While your data contains very sensitive information then HTTPS is something that you should make use of instead of HTTP. It will secure all your credentials and information such as password, customer data and so on.


Keep Database Clean

For a better web development solution, you need to keep your Laravel web development as clean as possible. You should clear out all the old cache files present in the database and that can be done while keeping session files intact.

While your website is taking regular backups, then it will be stored in the database. You should clear out all the old backups which are no longer in use.



Content Delivery Network is a server that is spread across geographically & possesses many nodes, where each node caches the static content that is present on the website like structural components, CSS, JS files, & images.

By using CDN the website load time will get decreased significantly as all the static content will be displayed quickly.


Optimize Images

While your Laravel project contains a huge number of image copies, then you must keep them optimized. You should remove the unnecessary images so that it will not decrease the web page loading time. Adjusting the size of the will increase the web page loading time and display it properly on the screen.


Check and Optimize Load Time

If your page load speed goes from second to 3 then the bounce rate increases probably to 32% that indicates, you need to increase your website page load speed. Because page load time is directly connected with your website performance and impacts the user experience & user engagement.

So if your website page load speed is more than 3 seconds to load, it will affect negatively on your website performance. It is better to optimize your website in terms of page load and offer a great user experience that will also boost traffic to your site.

Wrapping it up

As Laravel provides seamless ease to the developers to execute custom-defined operations, you can easily perform the functional tasks with the above best Laravel web development practices or opt for the leading Laravel Development Company that provide you the best services for you next project.