There has long been dispute about whether Node.js is a framework. Most of the time, we do refer to it as one. Node.js, on the other hand, is a JavaScript runtime environment a platform for executing JavaScript code on the server-side and making it portable. A runtime environment is where developers run their program.

Frameworks, on the other hand, are used to develop functions. Many developers have built Node.js frameworks such as Express.js, Meteor.js, and other tools to build unique features for Node.js projects that are useful to software developers.

In 2022, There Will Be Three Main Types Of Node.JS Frameworks For Web Apps:

MVC Framework

These frameworks are well-known for providing excellent design patterns that partition the whole application logic into three major components: models, views, and controllers. Express.JS is the most popular MVC framework among developers globally.

Full Stack MVC Framework

Such frameworks provide a plethora of scaffolding, libraries, layout engines, and other important Nodejs Development Services tools for developing real-time mobile apps. It is capable of handling and supporting both front-end and back-end development.

REST API Frameworks

Node.JS frameworks are well-known for their remarkable ability to construct apps using pre-built and well-known REST API experiences. Hire Nodejs Programmers do not need to worry about development layouts since these frameworks give ready programming interfaces, saving time and effort.


Here’s a quick, popular, and adaptable platform that provides a rich set of online functionalities as well as mobile application development. It has a fantastic API that allows its users to make and receive specific requests and simplifies cooperation between the front end and the database.

According to numerous projections, the use of Express.js has increased dramatically in recent years and will continue to rise in the next years. It has almost 41K Github stars.


Meteor.JS is the greatest lightweight and cross-functional software framework if you are seeking for a specific framework to construct a web-based project in JavaScript. It solely employs JavaScript as a programming language, …

which makes app creation considerably faster and easier. It has language-specific capabilities, making it an excellent solution for any developer. The framework also works with all major operating systems, including iOS, Android, browsers, and desktop computers. It enables developers to reuse the same compiled code for every online or mobile application.

The framework automatically propagates database information to clients without any interaction from the developer. The code is written in a single language and can be simply deployed across many platforms.


This is a smaller version, but it is a more expressive and strong foundation builder for web apps and APIs. It is extremely adaptable and allows you to organize the components anyway you like. Koa.js has a large user base and has received 28K Github stars.

For ES2015 and async function functionality, the Koa framework requires node v7.6.0. Koa.js is a lightweight framework that is simple to use and focused on rapid development. It also needs fewer codes, which increases efficiency.

Koa is a middleware framework that can perform two types of tasks:
  • Async function
  • Common function


This is a more sophisticated version of the Node.JS framework, which is frequently used to develop flexible and scalable mobile apps for a variety of categories. Its extensive library collection is quite useful for developers in terms of improving back-end performance. The framework also conforms to a subset of JavaScript that adheres to clean-code architecture while retaining the intricacies needed in large projects.

The framework is ideal for improving an app’s back-end speed, and its unique features greatly assist developers in testing their apps. Nest.modular JS’s structure provides significant flexibility, as well as a selection of sophisticated libraries for required customization. TypeScript, which is comparable to Angular, is used to write the code. Because the layout patterns are so perfectly positioned, developers may quickly design scalable and bug-free web-based mobile apps.


This is the only Node.JS framework that provides a CMS-like experience and features nearly everything you need for a quick and fast web project development. This full-fledged open-source framework has enormous features that developers may employ to provide native-like user experiences.

Because of its extraordinary capabilities and appealing features, the framework has gained widespread acceptance among global developers. It has an SMTP sending feature as well as an image processing tool. The framework is most renowned for its precision in real-time monitoring while designing current apps. Overall, it’s a complete framework for bespoke software creation, Internet of Things programming interfaces, and e-commerce app development.

With technical advancements occurring at an increasing rate, Node.JS will undoubtedly have many more new features and functions to assist Hire Nodejs Developers in delivering quick web-based app development projects without sacrificing quality.