Why Ecommerce
Is Required for
Online Business
In 2020!

It’s an online store that is available for you 24/7 and never getting shut-down. Today, various e-commerce websites and mobile apps have taken the entire world by storm and there are big firms such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Myntra are providing top e-commerce based website service & products.

Have you thought a decade ago that you can buy all the necessary items of your requirement under one roof and you don’t even need to walk down to the nearest store for getting those products? Because E-commerce is a medium between an online market for your customers & sales.

E-commerce marketing is making awareness to the people regarding the online store’s products & services. Infect, products are getting delivered right at your doorstep within the shortest time after your order.

Top Features

Top Features

Top features of Ecommerce for your Online Business in 2020!

User-Generated Reviews

Before going on your e-commerce website, about 95% of shoppers read your reviews and only 50% of customer will be interested in your website has 4 or more stars.

Having a negative review on your site is also necessary, so that it will look genuine to the consumers otherwise a website full of the positive review can look like fake reviews.

Ecommerce websites can use plugins form most popular review platforms such as Facebook, & Yelp by depending on website functionality. Special Offers.

Today almost every e-commerce site uses the special offer features such as providing discount coupons through social sites, emails, text and so on.

Many e-commerce sites also use the prime real estate in the header section to promote their special offers on the site.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart is one of the important parts of any e-commerce store, that’s where your end customer stores their products to continue with the checkout process.

A flexible shopping cart permit both the registered and guest user to checkout. The guest user checkout does not require the user to sign-up on the site, hence encouraging them to make the process faster.


It is one of the major features and ensures that no crucial data such as credit card details are saved & for all prepaid shipments, the checkout is carried out through a secure payment gateway.

Every web page is protected by SSL and the servers are secured & protected by state of the art services. The user passwords are also hashed & not stored in a readable format.


Simplicity is something that you should not avoid when it comes to a specific customer-centric website. Because more than 70% of customers say that an easy to use website is one of the impressive things to engage in. Walmart has increased in their mobile sales by 98% after optimizing its mobile site.

Creating a mobile user-friendly experience for your customers will improve sales and potentially your website traffic. Online sellers have minutes or seconds to make a sale so it is more important to focus on user experience by providing those filters, shopping carts, whistles and so on.

Order Management

Order management panel makes the task easier for merchants where they can get detailed information regarding buyer cancellation, refunds, COD order verification and much more. It simply helps you as a merchant to manage your order fulfillment & oversee the completion of the same.

Mobile Compatibility

Generally, e-commerce websites provide several solutions for mobile compatibility such as responsive mobile view as per device, Use WAP for specific mobile templates that optimize the website in size & generate less loading time. Hire E-Commerce Developers skilled in Using APIs for building mobile apps.

Communications. Proper communication is a must for leading towards your customers. While in E-Commerce Development Services there should be provisions to send & receive notifications daily about customers’ orders are available on the panel.

Communication is one of the efficient way a merchant can keep his customers informed about the status of the order & receive the same via the system.

High-Resolution Photos & Video

Today, shoppers want to see several angles & people using the product in multiple environments. With the help of a zoom-in feature, they want to feel the product that’s why technical consideration for images is crucial. As per Adobe images that took too long to load will see a customer drop-off rate of 39%. For good customer traffic on the page, your images need to be high-resolution & optimized for page load.

Payment Gateway Integrations

E-commerce website also provides you multiple payment gateway options and also comes with pre-approved payment gateways that you can easily integrate with your online store.

Scalable Infrastructure

You can use CDN for improving the website performance & managing the products online. It also gives you a great uptime and ensures you that the website service is available anytime at anywhere.

A scalable hosting infrastructure gets you more traffic and a higher latency to drops in transaction rates.

Content Management Systems

CMS is one of the interesting features that is used to manage the website content like a logo, policies, and footer links so on.

Wish Lists

Whist List is one of the most interesting feature any e-commerce site can ever have. Shoppers love to save items as per their mood like one for books to read, one for fashion, one for gifts and whatnot. They do bookmark their items which they want & can buy in the future.

Top Benefits of Ecommerce for your Online Business in 2020!

Gets Global Exposure

Today because of high service online technology, you can sell your products at a global level. An online store puts your products & services right on your client’s device, no matter where in the globe they are located.

Whether you have a well-settled business or doing a startup, via an e-commerce website, you will always find new customers out there for you to serve.

Ecommerce is the platform that takes your business or store in several places at a time and provides a huge exposure to your website in the market. Your customers can easily buy your services & products right from the comfort of their homes, in just a few clicks.

Top Benefits

No Time Restrictions

Ecommerce is a platform where you can make money while you sleep! Because the e-commerce website is open 24/7 without any restrictions of shopping time for customers.

Provide Comparison Shopping

Ecommerce also provides you the comparison facility so that you can visit multiple online websites and find your best quality items at the best price possible.

Assures Scalability

Because of constantly evolving technology, you can have a successful e-commerce solution and grow your business with less efforts. Through diverse sales channels & reaching market segments in various ways you can easily take care of market demands & customer requirements.

Generally, it’s easy to start an e-commerce business at low-cost & low-risk, whether you have a physical store or not. With a proper business plan, you can generate potential income and traffic for your e-commerce website & better ROI in a short time compared to offline stores.

Low Cost

One of the most important benefits of e-commerce is its low cost. It can be passed on to customers in the form of discount coupons and cost can be reduced by advertising & marketing, automation for billing, payments, Inventory management and much more.

Helps Keep an Eye on Analytics

Through an online selling system, merchants can easily analyze all the stored data that helps them in knowing the customer behavior, effectiveness of sales, understanding market campaigns, and customer engagements.

Eliminate Travel Time and Cost

Customers don’t have to walk or travel to your physical store, because of e-commerce websites they can simply visit your store virtually within a few clicks.

Create Targeted Communication

Merchant can use the information that the customer provides in the registration form, Can also place the cookies on the customer’s device and access a lot of data about them so that they can communicate through a relevant message.

Online Business in 2020!


The demand for online purchasing is increasing day by day and e-commerce solutions are offered by many e-commerce website development companies. Because with an increase in the requirement of the e-commerce industry, every merchant wants to have an online store to sell their products.

If you are looking for an e-commerce development company, make sure that you choose an experienced one & ensures its user-friendliness and good visibility. Because there are many more features and benefits of E-commerce but creating the right user-friendly and secure platform for your e-commerce site is also an art.