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Buy, sell and consign your Luxury bags and accessories at Andreu's Luxury Closet.

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When the Luxury closet fashion website asked us to develop a creative E-Commerce site. We suggested our client an amazing Shopify platform for the E-Commerce Development. Andreu’s Luxury Closet not only sells the products to customers but also offers a platform where users can sell their products to them as well. Their professionalism and dedication to work have brought our interest, and the intense use of Shopify and rich Design inside the project.

As clients are anxious to be the most grounded in the business. Luxury products have always attracted people’s brains and minds together. It’s a dedication to high-quality product procedures, equal costs. It should assure users that our products of a curated selection of designer items 24/7 with the click of a button.

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idea of project

Idea of Project

Our idea of web designing revolves around the E-Commerce Shopify store where merchants can sell designer items to the customers and offers a platform for sellers to sell their products to them.


Today every customer prefers online shopping from small to luxurious brands and user prefer online platform for selling their products are the reason this business comes up in demand. Client's requirement was to have a Shopify store with the Instagram functionality where we have use the Instafeed app and, they are also looking to give the monthly pricing option where we have used the Affirm app to get the desired functionality.

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Showcase of Project

Andreu's Luxury Closet website are designed to improve the shopping experience of customers. Users can sell their used luxury items through concierge services for a small fee.

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Design of project

Design of Project

We know that great plan is a critical part of any item in the event that they need to draw in clients. The Andreu's Luxury Closet website is designed by Nathalie Fleitas & developed by Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. We have done pixel- perfect development for this client following the great designed which were done by our partners.


We focus on giving lavish brand adornments, which the customer has the right to satisfy their needs and client requests for satisfy their requirements.

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    100% Designer Items
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    Best Quality in the market
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    Best in market rate for consignment

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