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Project Goal:

Mad Drift: Intense drift racing experience

Welcome to “Mad Drift – A car drifting game,” where the thrill of drift racing meets the ultimate driving skills. until the crash. Get ready for heart-pounding action with Mad Drift, where your drifting skills are your only hope when the brakes fail. Developed by GlowNight Games, creators of the popular “Tunnel Trouble 3D,” this game challenges players to navigate treacherous roads and dodge obstacles through expert drift maneuvers. Experience the thrill of non-stop endless drifting in Mad Drift, where the track stretches infinitely before you.

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Idea of Project:

In Mad Drift, we focused on creating a thrilling 3D drift racing experience where players must rely on their drifting skills to avoid disaster when their brakes fail. Inspired by the adrenaline-pumping world of drift racing, our goal was to deliver intense gameplay, stunning visuals, and addictive mechanics to keep players coming back for more. Experience the art of controlled chaos as you race endlessly and get endless excitement. Moreover, it gives players the excitement of high-speed car drifting as they navigate through challenging tracks with the maximum speed of the fastest supercar.

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Game prototype:

In the early stages of development, we visualized “Mad Drift” as the epitome of high-speed drift racing. Our prototype was created to test the thrill of drifting in superfast cars while dodging obstacles and aiming for high scores. Using rigorous testing and a finalized prototype, we created a strong foundation for further game development that laid the foundation for an addictive drifting experience.

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  • Design : We designed track layouts and dynamic environments to give players a challenging drifting experience.
  • Develop : Built realistic physics and responsive controls to ensure a seamless, immersive gameplay experience.
  • Test : Our team conducted extensive testing to fine-tune drifting mechanics and optimize performance.
  • Launch : Launched “Mad Drift” on the app stores, offering huge entertainment to drifting enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Update : Continuously updated the game with new cars, tracks, and features based emerging trends in the gaming industry.
  • Release : Released regular updates to improve players’ experience and enhance engagement over time.
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Result of the work:

Mad Drift has a big user base worldwide due to its exhilarating gameplay, stunning visuals, and addictive drifting mechanics. The combination of our efforts and creativity has created a revolution in mobile gaming. It redefines the boundaries of all car-drifting games available online. Indeed, Mad Drift has captured the hearts of car drifters worldwide.

Tech Stack

Unity technologies
Tools :
Visual Studio

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