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Demand of Project

We were fortunate to create an innovative Music App with an inclining trend. The Entertainment of the User and attention to the Music brought our interest, as well as the demand for extensive use of Android and minimal animations led us to develop this app.

Music Sync itself contains a music Player that also creates a new sync drive for Music Lovers. We craft with the experience of new digital technologies by combining developer inventiveness, speed, and innovation with corporate capital, distribution and brand strength. The app was launched by Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. and we were happy to be taking part in the user’s revolt in music trends.

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Idea of Project

Music Sync is a free online player, and Offline MP3 Player is a popular free music player and song application that allows you to play your favorite songs, audio files and video songs via offline and online.

Save recording and exchange captured audio, Synchronize your music with multiple phones. Connect your devices with your friends via WiFi, and listen to your favorite music. All of the connected devices become one big network of sound.

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Solution of Project

We are open to taking any hurdle in the Mobile app development as we faced in this one. The major hurdle we faced is “connectivity” with support with random hardware, it depends on different types of mobile hardware with direct Wifi connectivity.

So we carried the charge to solve the hurdle and bring the solutions with the updation in code that allow us to decrease the Connectivity issue in any platform.

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Showcase of Project

Music Sync is an Online and Offline MP3 & Video Player. It’s a popular music player and song app that lets you play your favorite music, audio files, and music videos.

Key Features:

  • Music Sync
  • Play unlimited songs
  • Voice Changer
  • Voice Recording
  • Music Player
  • Equalizer

Sync up your music on multiple phones. Connect your devices via WiFi and listen to your favorite music together with your friends. All connected devices become one large sound system.

This app support to change your songs and have fun listening to your modified voice!

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Design of Project

Since the User liked them, we couldn’t boast the designs but we liked them so much back then. We transferred designs pixel-to-pixel accordingly, respecting all the indents and guidance according to the Music Sync team.

Frankly, we are very proud to revive those projects. Even after so many years, the app looks creative and stylish. The emphasis is a sort of lattice into the grid. It is set in the center of the screen where the chosen tile is shown with an opacity of 100 percent. Around the same time, every music album portions of the adjacent tile are still noticeable. and creates the minimal design.

music sync free unlimited
Unlimited Free Vido Songs
music sync
Unlimited Free Songs Download
music sync
Music Sync
music sync
Voice Changer
music sync
Equalizer & Booster
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voice recorder


Play music to raise your speakers (group music player) at the same time as your colleagues. There is no need for Internet access. Sign in via WiFi. Music Sync will direct you via artist or track to find all the music files in seconds and will help your quick search related to a music album. This app supports changing songs and having fun listening to your changed voice! The app supports several different voice effects.

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