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Are you planning to develop a Flutter app to simultaneously target Android and iOS platforms, ensuring quick development and affordable cost?

Hire Flutter developers from Shiv Technolabs with vast experience and a global appearance. Our Flutter app developers guarantee natively compiled and feature-loaded apps using Flutter’s widgets, SDK, Dart programming language, and flexible UI. We utilize a single codebase to create, test, launch, and manage cross-platform apps with robust architecture. Our Flutter app developers offer a range of Flutter app development, whether you want to develop a cross-platform app from scratch or complete the obstructed development; we excel, HIRE US.

Why Should You Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers from Shiv Technolabs?

Our Flutter development team excels in developing robust, secure cross-platform apps loaded with next-gen features and functionalities. We made it very easy for you to hire top-rated Flutter developers from the predetermined list of tested and experienced experts while eliminating unnecessary bottlenecks.

A team of veteran Flutter developers from Shiv Technolabs has been strongholds in utilizing the power of flexibility with hybrid compatibility since the time it was introduced.

  • We have delivered 100+ Flutter mobile applications across diverse domains, locations, and sizes, maintaining complete transparency & robust performance.
  • Flutter app developers specialize in choosing Flutter libraries and widgets to speed up the development of mesmerizing hybrid apps that boost conversions.
  • Our Flutter app developers have complete mastery in integrating machine learning & AI into the app and creating interactive UI using Flutter’s declarative APIs.
  • With 8+ years of experience in core mobile app development, our developers have the maturity to understand and imagine your app needs to turn them into a reality.
  • Our expert Flutter developers specializes in hassle-free migrating your existing app to the Flutter platform using prewritten third-party packages and modules.

The Expertise of Our Flutter Developers

The Flutter development team at Shiv Technolabs is most popular for delivering cross-platform mobile applications with pixel-controlled design, optimized code, and new-age features. You just bring your cross-platform mobile app idea to the table, and our developers will bring in the maximum potential of the Flutter framework to develop an exceptional Flutter mobile app. Be it tweak customizations or the most complex app development, we are ready!

Flutter App Integrations
Hire dedicated Flutter app developers to integrate AI, machine learning, modules, packages, or any Flutter plugin into the app and enhance functionalities and user experience.

Flutter App Migration
Hire a Flutter developer to migrate your existing app to the Flutter platform using prewritten third-party packages and modules.

Flutter Native Apps
Hire Flutter experts who possess extensive expertise in developing Flutter Android apps using Android Studio and Flutter iOS apps using Xcode.

Flutter Web App Development
We have powered numerous clients with feature-packed web apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS using a single codebase that attracts more users at affordable rates.

Flutter Desktop App Development
Hire dedicated Flutter app developers to develop high-performing desktop apps without compromising quality and compatibility and capture more users.

Flutter App Support & Maintenance
A team of skilled Flutter developers at Shiv Technolabs provides customized app maintenance and support services to ensure optimal functionality, trending updates, and uninterrupted performance all the time.

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Work Timeline

When it comes to hiring top-rated Flutter app developers, we are well-versed with hurdles and difficulties. That’s why we have simplified our process for hiring offshore Flutter app developers who deliver you a hybrid app that meets your requirements. You can hire dedicated Flutter developers hassle-free by following the simple steps mentioned below.

App Requirements
Discuss Project Feasibility
Display Resources
Choose Hiring Model
Developer Interview
Hire Developer
Sign-off and Start

Expert Comparisons

Trusted among the best Flutter development companies, we deliver innovative hybrid app development services to our clients worldwide. Our Flutter app developers are well-versed with advanced features and optimizing the mobile app to enhance performance. Hire Flutter development team from Shiv Technolabs to develop and leverage personalized cross-platform mobile apps faster.

What is Included?Our Dedicated TeamFreelancerRookie Developers
Shadow Resouces
Project Manager
Free Chat Support 24*7

Our Dedicated Team

  • BDM
  • Developer
  • Shadow Resouces
  • Project Manager
  • QA
  • Free Chat Support 24*7
  • Consistency


  • BDM
  • Developer
  • Shadow Resouces
  • Project Manager
  • QA
  • Free Chat Support 24*7
  • Consistency

Rookie Developers

  • BDM
  • Developer
  • Shadow Resouces
  • Project Manager
  • QA
  • Free Chat Support 24*7
  • Consistency

Flexible Yet Convenient Hiring Plans


Full Time Hiring

Time Duration

One Month(160 Hours)




part time

Part Time Hiring

Time Duration

4 hours a day






Time Duration






Project Based Hiring

Time Duration



Milestone Based


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a Flutter Developer from Shiv Technolabs?

The cost to hire top-rated Flutter developers from Shiv Technolabs starts from $15/hour (the cost may vary depending on the developer’s experience).

Which programming language is utilized in Flutter?

In Flutter, the Dart programming language is utilized to create an app. Dart is a more sophisticated programming language that is also simple to learn and use.

Which Flutter tools do you use for developing cross-platform mobile apps?

Our team of proficient Flutter app developers specialize in utilizing the full potential of Android Studio and Xcode to develop Flutter apps adorned with trendy features.

How long does Shiv Technolabs take to build a Flutter app from scratch?

It completely depends on the project size, complexity, and custom feature requirements. Depending on the app size, personalizations, integrations, custom features, and functionalities, our top-rated Flutter scrum app development team takes as little as 3 to 8 weeks to complete app development from the ground up.

Can I replace my Flutter developer during app development?

If you identify any kind of productivity issue, time zone, or any other issue, we will try to resolve it. Even after resolving the issue, if it persists, we will allow you to replace the Flutter developer at the same cost. (till you hire a developer with parallel experience)

Why do people choose Flutter over React native?

Flutter app development is faster and more user-friendly. Also, a Dart programming language is easier to understand and work with than JavaScript. It allows quick yet efficient development. These are some significant reasons people choose Flutter over React Native.

How to hire a flutter app developer from Shiv Technolabs?

Hire a dedicated Flutter developer effortlessly by following simple steps.

  • Discuss Project Requirements
  • Check Feasibility
  • Display Resources
  • Choose Hiring Plan
  • Developer Interview
  • Hire offshore Flutter developers


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