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Affordable and high quality streetwear

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Demand of Project

KCLOT brings forth a combination of Asian streetwear and Western style for its customers and wanted a robust interface which would be user-friendly. As KCLOT is an e-commerce store selling apparel, shoes and accessories, they wanted a multi-platform compatible website which would work seamlessly on iOS as well as Android, and were looking to Hire shopify developer to take forward their project to the next stage. We as a Shopify development company charted out the plan on this amazing Shopify platform for further development of their e-commerce site.

As the demand of their e-commerce store was being operational 24/7, devoid of any breakdowns or issues, we suggested certain development strategies which would improve their overall performance and make their website complex free and speed up the entire purchase process through properly designated menus. Also, the home page needed to be converted from Shopify 1.0 to Shopify 2.0

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Idea of Project

KCLOT stores high quality affordable street wear for the young brigade, the reason they wanted their e-commerce store to be trendy and attractive. The store has apparel, shoes and accessories as well and users can navigate between different categories and styles from the main menu and sub menus. Clicking on any of the option would take the user to the login, cart and check-out page.

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Solution of the Project

Customers prefer shopping online nowadays, the reason numerous e-commerce stores have opened up. This e-commerce store needed a seamless interface for its e-commerce website based on Shopify platform and were planning to Hire shopify experts to update the backend. We as a Shopify development company added many features which further enhanced the viability of the store as mentioned below
Mobile :

  • Custom megamenu developed for mobile
  • Top menu developed for mobile
  • Display ranking added based on tags on collection page
  • Custom popups added in PDP
  • Sticky add to cart button

Desktop :

  • Homepage converted SHOPIFY 1.0 TO SHOPIFY 2.0
  • Created custom megamenu for different menu style
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Showcase of Project

KCLOT’s website is designed to provide an exhilarating shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts with products ranging from clothes, shoes to fashion accessories, hence we updated the website’s home page to Shopify 2.0 and added menus for a seamless shopping experience.

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Design of Project

The impressive design of KCLOT required a robust development strategy which Shiv Techno Labs Pvt. Ltd. provided by adding custom megamenu, pop-ups, sticky add to cart button and upgrading the home page to Shopify version 2.0. The development work has perfectly complimented the design of the website to its maximum.


High quality streetwear
Affordable prices
Vast product range
Trendy designs

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