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Take Me To Mars

- Glow Stickman

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Project Goal:

Explore Mars: The adventurous journey awaits!

The main motto of the game was to revolutionize space gaming by creating an immersive and unique experience where players help the glow stickman tunnel bear on an impressive journey from Earth to Mars. Through crazy gameplay and interactive visuals, we focused to transport players to the depths of space, challenging them to navigate through obstacles and challenges to reach the red planet.

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Idea of project:

The project centers on developing an addictive space adventure game where players assist the glow stickman tunnel bear in escaping Earth’s dangers to find a new home on Mars. With a focus on engaging gameplay mechanics, moving objects, and crazy rockets, we focused on delivering an unforgettable gaming experience for players. 

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Game prototype:

During the prototype development phase, we targeted creating a seamless experience that provides the thrill of space exploration. The prototype features empowering visuals and an immersive soundtrack to enhance the player’s journey from Earth to Mars, setting the stage for an immersive gaming experience. We implemented responsive controls, dynamic level designs, and challenging obstacles to keep players engaged. We enhanced the game mechanics through rigorous testing and iteration to ensure smooth performance across various devices.

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  • Design : We framed a crazy space rocket journey to provide a thrilling and changing space journey experience.
  • Develop : The team developed unique game mechanics, obstacles, and visuals to engage players while exploring a way to Mars.
  • Test : We conducted several tests to find the loopholes and enhance the app’s performance.
  • Launch : Launched the game on different app stores to entertain people who love space gaming.
  • Update : Regularly updated the game with several moving objects and space creatures to make real adventures in space.
  • Release : We released regular updates to enhance the space gaming experience as per feedback.
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Result of the work:

The result of the Work: “Take Me To Mars” delivers an immersive space adventure, enabling players with its addictive gameplay and interactive visuals. As players help the glow stickman tunnel bear on its journey to Mars, they experience the thrill of space travel like never before.

Tech Stack

Unity technologies
Tools :
Visual Studio

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