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Demand of Project

We were asked by an uprising revenue growth agency to develop a creative E-Commerce website. We are the crazy enthusiast for E-commerce Development as #knightcoders. The client’s professionalism and dedication to the work have brought our interest, as well as the intense use of Shopify and rich Design inside the project.

They are eager to be the strongest in the business. bedding is so much more about them than a finished product. It’s a dedication to high-quality products and procedures, equal costs, perfect bedding, and the climate. Users should be assured that we produce our bedding in accredited green facilities and design sheets that follow Oekotex Level 100 requirements, which ensures they are safe from toxic chemicals. At-point of the method, each is checked to ensure they fulfill our promise: excellence.

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Idea of Project

The website design plays around the idea of an E-Commerce Shopify Store that urges to provide Quality and Commitment online-Store consisting of bedding Sheet, Sets Sheet, Separates & Pillow Cases.

Users can navigate fabric from the website middle-top section by using keyboard cursors, mouse, scroll-up and scroll-down on the touchscreen. Alternatively, if you click the righthand side of the screen, it will take you to your Cart, Checkout & Login credential. they provided free shipping across the US.

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Solution of Project

Bright, well-rested customers who adore their bedding are the reason this business comes up in demand. The demand for their products has created the potential to deliver good health, and great feelings, and the rest of the users need to meet the demands of Commitment. This commitment comes to life in their product, which is crafted thoughtfully, beautifully, and sustainably with their customers in mind.

To provide visibility of their products, the hurdle came in how we can provide the user experience that can show their commitment to users. and for this hurdle, Our Designers and Developers brought the solution for user experience and design with perfect color codes.

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Showcase of Project

Based in California and inspired by its beauty and energy, its products are designed to improve the sleep and wellbeing of users and complement the lives of users. At their award-winning factory, each product is thoughtfully and ethically crafted to deliver top-quality bedding at an incredible price.

In the admin panel, we tried to maintain the same sense of motion as on the frontend side. That is why we added the product addon feature to allow the website administrator to create new products and, if desired, move them seamlessly to a different frontend position.

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Design of Project

We always believe that good design is a key aspect of any product if they want to attract users. We designed the whole website in such a way that users can have an idea about the business without getting a look into functionalities or content of the website.

We have done the crystal clear pixel perfect designs on this website which were liked by client and the end-users. We have used minimal colors into the designs which giving the whole website a professional look.


They are committed to providing good health, great feelings, and relaxation which the user deserves to meet their demands. Their Commitment comes in all shapes and colors in the form of their carefully crafted products which are also environmentally friendly.

100% Natural Cotton
Award-winning Factory
Fair and Ethical Practices
Thoughtfully Crafted Designs
High Quality & Best Standards
Best low-cost sheets

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