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Demand of Project

Invock is one of the best automated inventory platform which covers all the aspects of business accounting. From a basic pen/paper accounting to multi-user and multi-store management, the app has solutions for all. Any business having two or more employees or having more than one store can utilize Invock to get optimum results. The clients wanted a development company which would have relevant experience in app development, and we were contacted to carry on the task. The brief was simple and clear, the app needed to be complex free and easy even for users who were not well versed with such technologies.

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Idea of Project

The objective behind creating this app was to ease up the task of accounting via an advanced platform that didn’t require much of accounting knowledge, and should be simple even for novices to use. A whole range of features were added like Barcode and Labelling which helps generate invoices easily, Item Attributes and Properties, Party Reconciliation through which you can reconcile an account to ensure that the transactions with your party or bank account match with the transactions you’ve created on the app, Merge & Split Invoicing which helps you to manage inventory invoice and accounting invoice without rework, and much more.

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Solution of Project

After understanding the client’s requirements, our expert team of developers at Shiv Technolabs started working on the development work. The target was to add features which would work seamlessly across multiple platforms like iOS and Android. Building an efficient cross-platform app was the sole objective with easy to use features which didn’t require in-depth accounting knowledge.

The client outlined the features that needed to be added to the app, which helped us workout a roadmap and take it forward. A team of the best developers were assigned to execute the work.

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Showcase of Project

The early attempt by the client to put together an application that resulted in giving effective results didn’t match up to their expectations, the reason they decided to develop the app from ground up. The client wanted an all-in-one app which made accounting simpler. Our team gathered the minutest details and developed them step by step. The end results were extremely satisfactory and amalgamated all the features that were specified by the client.

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Design of Project

The design was planned keeping in mind the background of the app. The backend was tested for any issues before the app was handed over. The entire UI was designed in a clean way to keep the navigation simple and easy to use.


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