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Demand of Project

NyuCrush is a platform to connect people and help them in their dating game. The project was designed in order to ensure that people connect and develop a bond with each other. The main focus is on developing relationships between two strangers and help them proceed with it. It was launched as India’s premium dating app with the sole aim of helping people find their perfect match.

The client contacted us to revamp the app, make it more user-friendly and add a few features which would spruce up its overall working. According to the requirements of the client, we had to involve our design and development team to start the planning work and kick start the project at the earliest.

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Idea of Project

After identifying the minutest details, the team readied themselves to bring life to this project with minimum disruptions or issues. To get this project on track, the most efficient and experienced team of designers and developers were deployed who had the right knowledge to pull it off. Our team at Shiv Technolabs had various meetings with the client, discussing various nitty-gritty’s related to the project, until everything was set to take off.

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Solution of Project

The complete development of this project required creating the design for the app, developing the back-end and finally integrating both after thorough testing. About 15 days were spent on designing the UI part and then the team worked on the functionalities of the app. The entire framework during the development phases was shown to the client who approved it till the final phase was over, and the project was handed over successfully.

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Showcase of Project

Post development, the app was put through multiple levels of in-depth testing to make sure every function of the app was working seamlessly. Also, prevailing bugs were identified and fixed. After putting the product through rigorous testing phase, checking every detail, the app was handed over for use.

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Design of Project

The final product came out as expected by the client, who was exhilarated by the manner with which we brought the project to life. The app is now able to make the right impact and stands out from its competitors owing to its design and overall working.


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