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Demand of Project

AppWriter is an app which eases up the task of reading and writing. It has a wide range of features like context-based word suggestions, text-to-speech, OCR scanning and PDF reader. The AppWriter keyboard helps you with word suggestions while typing in other apps. As this was an app to be used frequently, issues or lags of any kind had to be identified and rectified. This was the sole reason the app makers approached us, and we got on board to finish the task at the earliest.

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Idea of Project

The app had a number of features like reading where AppWriter’s built-in voices helps in reading the text in documents and PDF files aloud, predictive text which gives the most relevant suggestions and corrects spellings, speech to text option and a lot more which makes tasks easy and complex free. The idea was to have a bug free app which would perform at its optimum levels.

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Solution of Project

The team of developers at Shiv Technolabs initiated the project’s work by running the program for any errors. After identifying the weak points, the team got into action and implemented things which were needed to boost the performance of the app. The existing app lacked on a few points which were worked upon which significantly improved the overall performance of the app. A few bugs were also identified and worked upon, which resulted in the app executing each task without any glitches.

The following features were worked upon

  • Reading : Worked on this feature which helps read text read aloud in documents and PDF files.
  • Predictive Text : This feature gives relevant suggestions that help in correct spelling of a word.
  • Speech to Text : This feature allows users to record text directly in documents, emails, messages etc.
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    Showcase of Project

    The app is created with the sole aim of providing assistance to users when it comes to creating documents in an error free manner. The app needed to be free from the minutest of errors or bugs, as it was itself created to identify typing error and rectify them. The development team worked on every detail and made sure the app came out better than its earlier version.

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    Design of Project

    Based on the existing findings, we eradicated the bugs and improved the app’s performance in a drastic manner. The end results were appreciated by the client, who is happy that there are no lags ever since the worked upon version was handed over to them.


    Effective reading and writing tool
    Robust features
    Multiple language support
    Easy to use

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