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From planning Social Gatherings to setting Reminders, DigiClann app will change the way you manage your society or Residential colony. Available all over India.

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We are Ace in giving successful and comprehensive services to Co-operative Housing Societies. With the changing Ages in Housing Societies, we have Simplified Digiclann Professionally. DigiClann has placed its firm steps in the society management industry and won hearts of a lot of happy customers.

DigiClann “Society Management System in India” is equipped with a one-stop solution for all stress faced in operating any housing society or Apartments. It’s a web and Application based platform with lots of features that provides flawless solutions to manage all the unique functions with a world-class user interface. It is a fully integrated platform offering society accounting, community collaboration & facility management tools for every Housing Society. The Housing Society Management Software gives a complete assistance in managing society accounting such as Billing, staff wedges, and Sales-Purchase management.

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Our Services

  • Asset Management
  • Tenant Management
  • Payment-Reminder
  • Worker management system
  • Easy to search member details
  • Accounting summary
  • Security management
  • Event Management
  • Parking Management
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Member voting
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  • Digiclann is an application-based platform that provides a flexible way to manage and track all your society tasks.
  • DigiClann offers you a hassle-free platform to transform your society, that is highly functional and easily manageable.
  • Maintenance feature provides a smart way to manage accounting information making life simpler for the Society members.

Exclusive Features

Accounting Summar
Maintenance Management
Parking Management
Security Management
Latest Updates and Notifications
Voting System

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