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Demand of Project

We were asked to develop a creative Dropshipping app. As we believe in providing the best service in the industry as knightcoders. The client’s professional corporation and dedication to work fascinated us with the intense use of Shopify and Design inside the project. They wanted to be the best in the business that’s why we always aimed to provide high-quality items, fulfillment services including equal cost.

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Idea of Project

KOREALY Dropshipping app process the e-commerce store without holding any upfront cost. You can add products to your shop and after each sale, the order is sent to the supplier to be fulfilled. Hence, in the KOREALY Dropshipping model you can simply focus on sales and marketing.

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Solution of Project

We have developed KOREALYDropship app with Admin Panel. In dropshipping model, every individual has their process like seller work for selling, store owner work only regarding products and app owner work on app services.

  • Improves your conversions
  • Allows automatic order fulfillment
  • Takes note of suppliers’ inventory levels
  • Helps you edit product information easily
  • Saves your time when you import products
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Showcase of Project

KOREALY dropshipping app will increase the brand value in terms of marketing through social responsibilities at one.


Live chat & email support 24/7
Automatic Inventory Updates
Automatically Synced Order Information
Product Listing Customization
Set Your Profit Margins
Calculate Shipping Charge by Country and Weight (kg).

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