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Demand of Project

Rootd is specially designed to help patients suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. It comprises various lessons, tools and exercises that help patients cope up with the issues. The project offers a lot of benefits and the basic aim was to make people aware of the project and then let them explore all the possibilities that it provided. Our responsible and efficient team at Shiv Technolabs understood that community building was one of the most important aspects that needed to be worked upon, as this was a project which had everything under one roof when it came to the subject of anxiety and panic attacks.

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Idea of Project

The app has solutions to tackle panic attacks and anxiety and provides immediate and long term relief. The app design had to be clean and engaging at the same time as users would need it at any given point of time, and the UI had to be extremely user-friendly and complex free. The development team worked upon the outline and started working on it step by step.

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Solution of Project

After understanding the concept and creating a robust development plan, our team started working on the features, identifying areas which needed improvement and optimization. Usability was the top priority of the client and our dedicated team worked upon that space that have spectacular results which satisfied the client wholly.

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Showcase of Project

The app was developed to perform seamlessly across multiple platforms like Android and iOS. It also has an Apple Watch version, which helps users to access the app easily when they are away from the phone. The development team made sure every issue was attended with, and all bugs were removed to come out with a completely error free app with zero working issues.

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Design of Project

The app was designed to give instant access to users in the event of anxiety or panic attack. The always present button that guides users through the entire process to swiftly end the attack was given preference and worked upon to work to its optimum levels. The end product was extremely satisfactory and gave the app an edge over other apps with similar profile.


Anxiety and panic attack reliever
Instant access
Effective tools and exercises
Easy to use

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