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Demand of Project

BELLA & BLOOM has built their reputation around the clothing space by introducing trendy clothes and accessories for today’s modern women. Owing to their ever-growing demand from customers spread across the country, it was necessary for them to establish their online presence. That prompted them to contact us as they wanted to gear up their e-commerce store and increase its sales figures via its online channel.

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Idea of Project

We had to draw the attention of shoppers and provide them a smooth experience by providing an impressive interface which would help them zero down their favourite clothes and add them to their wishlist, as well as develop a complex free payment process. This meant creating a completely new experience to the customers than what they were accustomed to from the present online store of the brand. Blending a distinct e-commerce design with functionality was the idea behind developing this project.

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Solution of Project

The main objective was to spruce up the website in a way that it would properly reflect the potential of the brand in the right manner. A whole new development plan was charted out in order to take the current website’s workings to the next level and enable the brand to establish its strong online presence, which would give it an edge over competition.

After having multiple discussions with the client, our team of designers and developers at Shiv Technolabs. initiated the process.

The following features were added which created a distinctive quality to the e-commerce store

  • Sales popup app
  • Custom product image view zooming functionality on PDP
  • Wishlist app installation with count
  • Afterpay setup
  • Custom filter for size option on collection page
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Showcase of Project

The strategy and tactics were clearly defined since the beginning, so there was no disconnect in between, which led to a smooth completion of the project. When we started the development work, we already had a clear idea of how to showcase the project in the right manner which would make it stand out and easy to use for any user.

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Design of Project

The most important part was to give the store appealing visuals, with each of its products being zoomed for proper clarity. That was done in an effective manner along with other additional features which enhanced the store’s functionality. The client was extremely satisfied with the end results as it gave a completely distinct look to the store as compared to its former one.


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