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Demand of Project

SKY ROOFTOP has been launched as a food and beverages ordering app. The app promises to deliver food within 45 minutes. The concept involved having a quick performing app which could take customer orders and deliver it on time. Therefore, the app needed to be performing at its optimum levels without any glitches or errors, which would ensure a smooth food ordering process. This was the reason the client got in touch with us, and we started developing the right plan which would spruce up the workings of the app.

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Idea of Project

The expert team at Shiv Technolabs jumped right away and started laying the groundwork for the betterment of the project. Quickly adapting to the client’s requirements and working on the methodology, our development team chalked out a plan and put it into action.

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Solution of Project

Our development team identified the areas which would help boost the app’s performance and started working on the points. Special attention was given to ensure that the payment process was smooth and provided users a hassle-free experience. To make sure there were no lags or bugs, several automated tests were run, and then the app was readied for launch

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Showcase of Project

When we took over the development work, the client only wanted to make sure that the entire food ordering process should be free from any kind of glitches and there were various payment options added for an enhanced customer experience. We identified the areas which required focus, and then the developers worked on those areas. The end result was amazing, and the client was extremely satisfied with the development work done by our team at Shiv Technolabs.

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Design of Project

We identified the key features which were required to boost the app’s workings and implemented those step-by-step. The entire project was completed before the specified timeframe. The backend was developed to give the app to take orders and execute them at a lightening speed, which surely impressed the client till no end.


Free Food and beverages
Delivered within 45 minutes flat
Attractive offers and discounts
Multiple payment options

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