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Demand of Project

Track4face is an app created for the management company’s workforce. It covers various important areas like time and attendance control, shift and absence management, vacations, and much more along with facial recognition technology. It is one of the most important tools which makes the management of the workforce easier at the click of a button. Although the app was developed with precision there were a few areas that needed to be worked upon, the reason the client approached us.

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Idea of Project

After in-depth research on the project, our team arrived at a few points which needed to be implemented in order to improve the overall working of the app.

There were a few drawbacks in the existing application that helped us chart down an outline of things that needed to be added to enhance user experience. The app lacked in certain areas which were relevant, and our efficient team zeroed down on those to chalk down a plan which would further improve the overall feasibility of the app.

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Solution of Project

The development team at Shiv Technolabs analyzed the app in detail and initiated the development work which would turn the app into an employee centric one. There were changes made in the user profile management and the access to the work force’s check-in, check-out actions were also improvised.

The below given features were added, and a few changes were implemented to improve the effectiveness of the app

  • Inclusions and improvements in user profile management
  • Improvements in Check-in and Check-out actions with audible warnings
  • New search function for hours worked by selected dates.
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Showcase of Project

The main motive behind the development of the TRACK4FACE App was to give users a feature-rich platform which would help in maintaining the records of their work force at the click of a button. The end product was highly appreciated by the client as the added features enhanced its workings to a great extent.

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Design of Project

Based on the available data and existing app, we created a realistic plan, outlining the details, specifications, design, and other development work which were essential for the app to be highly effective. The entire project was completed within the defined timeframe. The end product was much more feasible and user-friendly.


Effective labour management tool
Rich features
Innovative product
Easy to use

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