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Life At Shiv Technolabs

Brand Story

Think up some challenges that your story’s hero can struggle with but ultimately overcome. The important thing is for these hurdles to be part of a chronic saga – not a one-off It’s very tough for someone to connect to a character who they’re introduced to, witness a brief hurdle, and then never see again. You want the public coming back, again and again, to find out how the character, who they are emotionally invested and interested in, is effecting. Each episode should leave the audience wanting more and wondering what will happen next..
#Knightcoders are a great way to keep people captivated and coming back for more and more.


The home of #Knightcoders is Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. About the most “Fantastique” Place, Where you can get various kinds of services with their light of success. In the experienced history of “Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.”, It starts with when one Knight coder provides the solution of developing a Social Media product platform for the grow-bright brand “Tip-It” in 2014. From providing the first solution, his vision of providing solutions increased more up-n-up. And so on, The journey of providing solutions never stopped for him. for keep moving forward, with the aim of changing the single knight coder to #Knightcoders, the lone knight coder runs his journey since 2014.

With Time, In 2015 his struggle makes real success for him when Lone Knight coder makes a group of five #Knightcoders. now they expanded their light of growth. Their light of growth covers major verticals in information technologies, of which Web Development, E-commerce Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing Services, and Quality Assurance Services are the most major goals.

At Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. you will find various types of services that #Knightcoders offer. There are many services that include Web Development, iOS Development, Android Development, Digital Marketing Services, Quality Assurance Services and a lot more. #Knightcoders experienced in developing the best web and mobile applications like no other can. They have a lot of valued clients as well. It is always their privilege to offer you the best at any cost. With their involvement in the information technology field, they are dedicated to making highlight-rich with their light of growth, shopper-centered, versatile applications. They are pleased to see customers as our own particular family, and with joy, we provide them with versatile hits.

Our Journey

It’s very tough for someone to connect to a character who they’re introduced to, witness a brief hurdle, and then never see again. You want the public coming back, again and again, to find out how the character, who they are emotionally invested and interested in, is effecting. Each episode should leave the audience wanting more and wondering what will happen next.


we learned, build and Establish a company in gold-era of 2015 #kinghtcoders were rise-up in the area of 375 Square ft. to 1200 Square ft.

We think technology needs to be informed by understanding our real-world challenges, expectations and maybe even the stuff We scribble on napkins. We know technology is only as good as its purpose So, we expanded technologies in the area of iOS, Android, Magento, CodeIgniter, and WordPress, that success brought expansion to our office from 1200 Square ft. to 1600 Square ft.

From Expansion it’s not just our track record, the efficiency of our process and the quality of our products. Drive and dedication have ensured #kinghtcoders has delivered true value to businesses since 2014, With the experience, we expanded our business from the middle east to UK based clients. Our strength increased more by collaboration with AEON Software Pvt. Ltd. Our #kinghtcoders driving the success of the vision-trip further.

Further the Product Map Sprint is where we design the experience, and this is when the product starts to come to life. We incorporated real feedback and started Shopify development services. We build modern websites and innovative digital products and applications DigiClann, Zipplitter that makes users grow their businesses. Next, with our Dedication, Our area of development expanded into Denmark. It became an IT service provider to gain a new track from our business, our customers, and the development team.

This is it, we were prepared for the big year. The Launch Sprint is where we conduct our final regression testing and deployment to Cartcoder initiative, music sync, Accessibility Assistant. We became Shopify Experts among 400 Experts in the world. This was a huge victory for us. In the same year, we have finalized the codebase and handed off the applications to users.

We aim to become a socially conscious sustainable company providing cutting-edge Web, mobile & software solutions to the world, and team Going expansion in the competitive global market. Now we are going to do the same We Know business is only as good as its purpose “Only with The Team”. Launching our company doesn’t mean the journey is over. In fact, the Shopify Expert is just the first big step of our journey. We are maintaining to update our company with better Aim-Growth. and we continue to iterate and build new Shopify development HUB for the world.

Due to the global pandemic, the year span of 2020-2021 was quite challenging for all businesses. Still, our strategic decisions have helped us register remarkable growth in our business. We closely monitored government guidelines and introduced work from home business model to serve our clients and protect employees. We take pride in ourselves as we haven’t laid off even a single employee during this challenging situation. Instead, we have increased our team strength by hiring new employees. It helped us to continue clients’ crucial projects, ensuring our staff safety.

During the time period of 2021-2022, the IT industry witnessed the highest skyrocketing demands all over the globe. We also grabbed the opportunities to shape the future of our clients, employees, and our organization. As the pandemic impact turned mild from severe, the IT industry regained momentum, and we got more international expansion. As a result, we needed to recruit more senior developers and introduce new services & technology to meet international as well as national clients’ requirements. This significant growth forced us to acquire new land and create big workplaces and better infrastructure. So looking forward to making this dream reality in 2022-2023.

Affiliated Services

A brand story recounts the series of events that sparked our company’s inception and expresses how that technology still drives our mission today. Just like our favorite Apps and websites’ characters. Myblogtime is the home for technology updates & reviews on how emerging technologies affect culture, the politics, the economy, and ideas of shaping our world. The Website offers in-depth coverage of current & future trends in technology.


Positive Crew

Flock spark a coder!

So, to help our strengthen that creative muscle and write compelling #Code_stories again, we’ve created a guide about the fundamentals of brand story structure and who have leveraged our brand story to resonate with our #Knightcoders.


Managing Director & Founder

Mr. Kishan Mehta has completed his graduation with in Master of Computer Application from Ahmedabad. As a managing director of Shiv Technolabs, he is a versatile, energetic, and multi-skilled entrepreneur. He has a demonstrated history of 10+ years in technology, marketing, mentoring & business strategy, and mobile app and web development. Passionate about solving complex challenges in the market by leveraging technology and helping entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. He has led multiple successful IT projects for all-size companies across diverse industries.


Managing Director

Mrs. Sheetal Mehta is an independent, enthusiastic and proficient woman entrepreneur with an illustrated history of 10+ years in the field of technology, operations, policy making, marketing, and smooth functioning of the company.As a managing Director, she brought operational and administrative controls to Shiv Technolabs. She provides strategic advice and guidance to manage all aspects of operations and issues within the industry and ensure that the appropriate policies are developed to meet the company’s mission and objectives.


#Heyday Moments

Since we’ve spent the majority time of our working hours for the company, it can be memorable to flash a creative muscle that’s slowly withered away from #candid moment and, in turn, move people emotionally and sear our #candid moment into their memories.

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