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Looking For On Demand App Development?

On-demand app development technology is a powerful platform that enables service providers to easily meet their consumers’ requests. On-demand technology has grown in popularity by bridging the gap between enterprises and end customers. On-demand app development has assisted a number of businesses in expanding beyond their physical borders by making items available in an instant.
Users value on-demand app development services enough to spend $57.6 billion on them each year. The market for on-demand service apps is anticipated to reach $335 billion by 2025.

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Cross-Funtional Features Of Our On Demand Mobile App Development


User Registration

Generally, the need to create a new account on a new platform irritates users. Furthermore, remembering all of the passwords might be difficult at times. Allow individuals to sign up using their social network accounts or email addresses for these reasons.


Vendor Profile

Begin with this functionality if you want to build a multi-vendor on-demand marketplace. Allow service providers to declare information about their businesses. In this way, you will gain a reputation for both your platform and each individual merchant.


Multiple Filters

Filters allow users to narrow their search by specifying specific criteria. As a result, customers will locate what they are looking for considerably faster. Our customized apps can allow users to narrow down a huge set of results through a series of filters.


Real-Time Tracking.

Users will no longer have to estimate a delivery time with this feature. They will be able to track the courier’s current location and when their order will be delivered.


Multiple Payment Gateways

Allow users to select their preferred payment method. Aside from typical credit or debit cards, PayPal, or other online payment systems, don’t overlook digital wallets.


Push Notifications

Allow users to receive notifications on the status of their orders, new messages, and special offers. Ratings and comments Allow users to leave feedback on a certain service provider.



Poor data protection leads to data breaches; hence, security is essential in any development process. There are three essential elements common to mobile apps that will assist you in optimizing your application’s security standards.



The majority of applications use integrations to extend app functionality, conserve resources, and add new app features such as analytics, administration, social media signups, secure payment mechanisms, and so on.



Lastly, we run extensive quality checks, and security compliance checks, and publish them on Apple and Android App Stores. The same applies to mobile application support and maintenance services.

Popular On-Demand
App Categories

The scalability of on-demand apps is a definite advantage. This means that the approach will work in a variety of industries. Here are some industries that are relevant to your on-demand business model.


Top-rated On Demand App Development Solution

The on-demand app development services industry is on a roll, rising to new heights with each passing day. As a result, it is high time to give your business a new dimension by cooperating with a highly skilled on-demand app development company that can help you reach a maximum number of targeted audiences and place you in the zone of profitability.

Apps have successfully conquered numerous company divisions and continue to inspire more. As a result, Shiv Technolabs, an on-demand app development company, is here to provide a simplified solution that can be tailored to any business sector. The apps are customized to satisfy all of the business requirements in order to stay competitive and contribute more to the digital economy.

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Our mobile app experts have years of experience, skill in cross-platform app development, and in-depth knowledge, and we provide on-demand app development services as per business requirements.

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Process We Follow

Requirement Gathering

You must do market research before beginning the on-demand app development process. After that, consider your target audience. Learn about their age, location, interests, education, and occupation.

Development Model

Begin by analyzing the issue that your product is attempting to solve. When you know exactly what the problem is, you can build an appropriate solution to handle it much faster.

UI/UX Design

You will need to invest in personalization if you want to make your on-demand app stand out. We create feature-rich apps and their supporting panels.

Deciding Niche

The next step is to identify your specialization. We advise you to avoid overloaded niches. The rationale is simple: your on-demand mobile app will not be lost amid dozens of generic offerings this way.

Selecting Features

You have completed market research, defined your niche, and developed your business model at this phase. The next stage is to determine which features are essential for your future on-demand app.

Selecting the Technical Stack

It will allow the development of a product that is not only visually appealing and user-friendly but also stable, secure, and upgradable. In the long term, the technological stack will define an app’s efficiency and ability to deliver the intended results to business owners.

Allotting Team

Consider that you intend to construct a complex, long-term solution that will require ongoing support. In this instance, engaging your in-house on-demand app development team is the best solution.

Deliver the MVP version

MVP development is a tried-and-true method for quickly and affordably testing the potential of your business idea and delivering the best in the market.

Technologies We Work On

React Native
Vue JS
Next JS
Node JS
Core PHP
Node JS
Headless CMS

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On-demand App Development Services?

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Developing On Demand Apps

Various important aspects influence the cost of on-demand app development. The key cost drivers of app development differ depending on its development approach, development platform, device compatibility, app capabilities, security, testing, hosting, and maintenance.



Type of Business Model

Fundamental elements such as the type of business, target users, and services all contribute to the app budget design.

App Development Team

Putting together an in-house app development team may cause the expense to balloon. It also necessitates the use of domain specialists and other creative team resources.

Building Platform

The platform for developing mobile apps will be chosen based on the business model. It incurs a higher budget allocation, especially because native Android apps demand more time to code, style, and fragment.

Design and Functions

The cost of developing an app varies greatly depending on its design and functionality.According to the service provider, advanced functions must be added to ensure the smooth performance of activities and a better user experience. Following that, a user-centric interface and high-quality design are required.

Features and Testing

The primary reason for designing an on-demand app is to provide services to users through their mobile devices. Thus, the smooth rendering of services via a mobile application's features is a success factor.

Security and Maintenance

While developing the application, it is important to invest in data protection because a large security breach can bankrupt your company. Enterprise-level applications must maintain their APIs on a regular basis in order to continuously develop the apps and improve the user experience.

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With Our On Demand App Solutions

On-Demand Business Model

Our professional team of on-demand mobile app development veterans, which includes research analysts, designers, developers, and quality assurance analysts, collaborates to construct an app based on the concerns of consumers. We provide a mobility solution that fixes consumers’ difficulties in real-time and from the comfort of their own homes by addressing their pain points.

  • Faster and convenient
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Detailed documentation and analysis
  • Technical Support and Maintenance

Monthly Subscription Based

Shiv Technolabs is a trustworthy and reliable mobile app development company for hiring on-demand app developers. Apart from providing efficient solutions to our clients’ custom Android app issues, one aspect that entices clients to entrust us with their development needs is our flexible hiring models, which enable them to access our certified app developers.

  • Business model for the full-time package
  • Other models, as per requirement, include
  • Hourly package
  • Fix Package
  • Part-time Package

Shiv Technolabs App Development & IT Consulting Company

As a leading company in on-demand app development, we understand your needs and how to maintain a sustainable competitive edge in the face of shifting market demands. Our expertise meticulously plans and implements the essential techniques to provide the finest client experience possible.

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Professionals 65+ 65 Qualified Professionals and expert designers to start planning and executing your project
Experience 7 Years Our app developers have 7 Years of expertise in building solutions that meet your needs.
Project Completed 160+ We transformed 160+ businesses till the date with powerful and adaptable digital solutions.
Customer support 430+ Ready to support each client with top-notch App and web Development technology


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What is an on-demand app?

Customers use on-demand apps to connect with various service providers and vice versa. They allow people to request any type of service and aim to provide it within minutes.

What is the cost to build on-demand apps?

The costs are determined by factors such as app features, app platform, UI/UX experience, technologies used, testing tools used, and so on.

Do you provide technical help for your on-demand apps?

Yes, we do provide! We offer technical support to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services. Our helpful team will quickly produce an interactive app that includes an initial setup and post-launch of your on-demand application.

Is it possible to develop on-demand apps for the enterprise?

As the market for app creation grows, our on-demand service provider will assist customers in providing enterprise experiences by developing mobile apps based on their specifications.

Do you offer the type of adjustment in the application that is required?

Our on-demand application development team will assist you based on the level of advancement you require in your application. We make every effort to support you throughout and after the application’s launch.

What is the future of on-demand apps?

The market value of on-demand service apps is predicted to reach $335 billion by 2025, which is very promising.

Is on-demand suitable for all types of businesses?

One of the most significant advantages of custom on demand app development solutions is that the market for on demand apps is vast and diverse.

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