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Plants for Homes & Offices

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Demand of Project

PLANT QUILITY brings a wide range of plants that are best suited for homes and offices. The online store based on Shopify platform has a vast inventory of plants along with merchandise and accessories that needs to give users a smooth buying experience, the requirements were to create engaging content which included videos for popular video streaming platforms like Vimeo and YouTube. Also, there were requirements for an attractive collection banner and other features like incorporating blogs into the website.

To make the e-commerce store more effective, there were many other features added by the team which enhances the overall workings of the online store to a great extent.

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Idea of Project

PLANT QUILITY stores a number of plant options ranging from easy plants, pet-friendly plants, air-purifying plants, and much more which includes merchandise and accessories. It is specifically targeted at plant lovers who love to choose their plants before buying one. Keeping that in mind, the plants have been categorically bifurcated which makes it easy for buyers to zero down what they are looking for. The chosen products are added to the cart, from where the users are taken to the checkout page in a seamless manner.

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Solution of Project

E-commerce stores need an attractive user interface with content, images, and videos in the right places. The main objective was to incorporate engaging videos as well as customized banners. Also, the product pages were updated with additional information, videos, and text with images which enhanced the entire look and feel of the store.

Here are the additional features which were added to spruce up the entire look, feel, and working of PLANTQUILITY

  • Custom video for Vimeo, YouTube, and local video
  • Cart popup discount progress bar
  • Custom collection banner using metafiled
  • Custom collection-wise tabbing on the product list page (collection page).
  • Product page extra information section, text with video, text with image.
  • Display articles using tag wise in blog and blog detail page.
  • Blog listing using alphabetically.
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Showcase of Project

PLANTQUILITY’s e-commerce store’s development work was planned to enhance its visibility via SEO strategies like adding blog articles and listing them alphabetically. The end product was impactful, loaded with power-packed features that changed the entire perspective which was needed to make the project impactful.

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Design of Project

The e-commerce store needed additional features which would enhance its workings and Shiv Techno Labs Pvt. Ltd provided the right solutions by adding features which were required.


Wide range of plants
Suitable choice for every space
Complimenting merchandise
Attractive accessories

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