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Demand of Project

Community is the heart and soul of MYMOMENTUM. Our client wants to bring together like-minded people and amazing local businesses in a space for real connections where they can support one another. They wanted to do this online through their app and offline through their free monthly community events where they bring people in Vancouver for a high-energy sweat, mingling, postwork snacks & swag from their partners. The platform should show the events with the description and location for the offline meet-ups as well as allowing the local vendors to bring the customers using online platform.

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Idea of Project

This project began as a goal to start a movement: make wellness simple and fun. Creating a meaningful and lasting impact is what drives us. This project would also help to spread awareness for the health of the community and support the local businesses. So, their mission was to create an ecosystem that fuels growth and discovery to help people feel healthier and happier. The idea was to give challenges to community related to the health and they earn the point after completing the challenge. They can utilise that points to buy something from local vendors.

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Solution of Project

We love taking an idea and turning it into something bigger. Purpose and impact is what fuels us. We created this app using React native framework for the frontend and Laravel framework for the backend. Basically we wanted to launch this app as quickly as possible in Android an iOS stores. The basic hurdle came when they wanted to send push notification to the apps. Push notifications are the difficult things to handle in React Native framework, with the help of our expert team we have achieved it as well and launched the app in android play store as well as iOS App Store.

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Showcase of Project

Complete challenges to earn points

Challenges are easy, bite-sized actions that are bucketed into 3 free flowing categories: move, nourish, reflect. Earn points for every challenge you complete to redeem rewards.

Get discounts to explore local rewards

Get promos and free stuff with your points. It’s an incentive to try something new, like a group workout, cafe, snack, wellness coach and more. We support local: all of our partners are Vancouver businesses and startups.

Connect to Vancouver’s wellness scene

Tired of scrolling through Eventbrite to find wellness events? We curate the best in Vancouver so you can stay connected to what’s going on in the city. Plus, be the first to hear about our monthly myMomentum community events!

Power in together

Community is the heart and soul of myMomentum.
To us, it means bringing together like-minded people and amazing local businesses in a space for real connections where we can support one another. We do this online through our app and offline through our free monthly community events where we bring people in Vancouver for a highenergy sweat, mingling, post-work snacks & swag from our partners.

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Design of Project

Since the User liked them, we couldn’t boast the designs but we liked them so much back then. We transferred designs pixel-to-pixel accordingly, respecting all the indents and guidance according to the myMomentum team and our clients. Frankly, we are very proud to revive those projects. Even after a year, the app looks creative and stylish. The emphasis is a sort of lattice into the grid. It is set in the centre of the screen where the chosen tile is shown with an opacity of 100 percent. Around the same time, every music album portions of the adjacent tile are still noticeable and creates the minimal design.

my momentum features
Complete challenges to earn points
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Get your rewards by category
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Look into the rewards in details
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Explore the events
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Subscribe to the free and paid events
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Track your progress and Rewards


Check in with yourself and log your mood. Get a daily bite-sized wellness challenge.

Complete the challenge to earn points.

Redeem rewards from our community partners (other local health and wellness startups & businesses).

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