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How to Build an App Like WhatsApp? Android & iOS Cost

Create Whatsapp App If you are thinking of how to build an app like WhatsApp, but don’t know how to proceed with the development work, you have come to the […]

Create Whatsapp App

If you are thinking of how to build an app like WhatsApp, but don’t know how to proceed with the development work, you have come to the right place.

Navigating through the vast mobile app development space can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially if you’re dealing with a popular platform that is similar to WhatsApp. But with the right knowledge, guidance, and resources, you can develop a WhatsApp clone app that is as effective as the original one.

Through this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of how to make an app like WhatsApp, how much WhatsApp costs, and much more. We’ll also throw light on different options that are available in the WhatsApp app development process, so you can make an informed decision about which type of platform is right for your needs. So let’s get started.

WhatsApp App Development and What Goes into Its Making


WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most popular messaging apps that are used globally today. The app allows users to send and receive text messages, make voice and video calls, share images and documents, and do much more, the reason its popularity has soared high. The app supports millions of users worldwide, making it a reliable option for communication.

But how to make an app like WhatsApp and how much WhatsApp cost is a question that remains unanswered. The cost to develop the WhatsApp clone app depends on many factors including the complexity of features that want to include in your version of the app, add-ons, etc. According to estimates given by experienced WhatsApp app developers, the development costs can range from $50,000 for a basic version with few features to over $500,000 for an app that is packed with powerful features like the original one.

The Different Approaches to Developing an App Like WhatsApp

To develop WhatsApp clone app with the same level of complexity and features isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. The cost depends on the approach you decide to take. The three common approaches are:

1) DIY Development – If you are technically proficient, it is possible to go ahead with the WhatsApp app development process. All you need is a good understanding of coding, or have access to a team of developers. A good budget for hosting, design tools and software licenses will help you conquer the space in a better way.

2) Outsourcing – You can outsource all or parts of the development process to an external agency or a WhatsApp app developer which can save you a lot of costing while developing the app from scratch. Generally speaking, outsourcing is more suitable for less complex projects or for developers who want extra support in tricky parts of WhatsApp app development.

3) Prebuilt Solutions – This option is arguably the most affordable choice for small businesses that want a basic app. Prebuilt solutions allow you to customize a preconfigured platform where you can easily remove and add features till you get it upto the mark.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a WhatsApp Messaging App?


One question that pops up in my mind while thinking about the subject of how to build an app like WhatsApp is: how much is it going to cost? The answer isn’t simple and straightforward, as the cost of developing an app depends on a number of factors.
The estimated cost to develop the WhatsApp clone app ranges between $100,000 to $500,000. The total expenditure depends on which features and functionalities you want to include in the WhatsApp app development process.

Here are some key factors that will contribute to the WhatsApp app development cost:

  • Platforms: Android or iOS (or both), and other platforms (based on requirements)
  • Designers: UI/UX design for mobile devices and web applications (if applicable)
  • Database Admin and Backend Developer: for setting up server infrastructure and software development
  • Quality Assurance Team: for testing the app before launch
  • End-To-End Encryption Security Protocols: for secure data transmission between users
  • Additional Features and Functionalities: such as payment processing, video chat, SMS integration, etc.

So while it’s impossible to give a definitive answer on how much will it cost to develop an app like WhatsApp, remember that these costs could be significantly high if not planned in a proper manner. Be sure to factor in all the elements mentioned above when budgeting as it will be worth it when your app finally launches.

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What Are the Platforms and Technologies Used to Create an App Like WhatsApp?

The platforms and technologies used in the WhatsApp app development process vary according to your budget and timeline. Generally speaking, you’ll need to hire a team of app developers or a WhatsApp app developer who has experience in programming languages such as iOS Swift and Java for Android, as well as web technologies like HTML5, React Native, Node.js, and AWS.

It’s important to note that simply having a team of talented developers isn’t enough as you’ll need an overarching strategy that takes into account user experience which includes UX/UI design, security protocols, back-end server architecture, and other factors.

Additionally, you’ll need a backend infrastructure in place to ensure you experience uninterrupted service. Some available solutions that are known for their performance include Google Firebase, PubNub Data Stream Network and Amazon Web Services as each one of them comes with its own unique features and capabilities.

Last but not least, you have to consider the constant maintenance that the app requires over time as the features need to be regularly added and tested to keep users engaged. For example, WhatsApp released its Group video call feature in 2018 while the status feature was added in 2020; maintaining these core features can be challenging.

What Are the Essential Features of an App Like WhatsApp?


An app like WhatsApp needs to have a few things in order to be successful. Here are the essential features that you need to amalgamate in your WhatsApp clone app:

# Messaging Option

The most obvious feature of an app which is inspired by WhatsApp is that it should have a messaging system. This system should be able to send and receive messages, images, videos, audio messages and do a lot more. It should also have a user interface that is easy-to-use and intuitive to keep the user engaged and loyal towards it.

# Push Notifications

In order for users to stay up-to-date with what their contacts are sharing, push notifications can be used to alert users about new messages or important updates.

# Voice & Video Calls

One of the most important features that are a must in your WhatsApp clone app is voice and video calls support through which users can stay in touch with their contacts easily and conveniently.

# Group Chat Support

Group chats are a popular way for multiple people to communicate simultaneously. The app that you develop should be able to support group chats with ease of use and reliability at the forefront of its design.

These essential features will give your chat app the foundation it needs for success, but it’s important that you continue developing these features in order for your chat app to stay competitive in an ever-changing landscape.

How to Get Started With Your Own WhatsApp App Project

Here are some important considerations to focus on when starting your own WhatsApp clone project:

  • Research the best platforms and frameworks for building a mobile chat app.
  • Determine the necessary features for an effective mobile chat experience.
  • Choose which technologies and tools to augment your build, such as analytics or payment services.
  • Outline the budget and timeline for all stages of development like planning, design, development, testing/QA, deployment and beyond.
  • Determine whether outsourcing projects to agencies or a dedicated WhatsApp developer is something you should consider as this can often be more cost-effective and faster option than doing it all yourself.
  • If possible, test a prototype before launching a full version of your chat app so that you can get valuable feedback on how users interact with it before investing large amounts of time or money into further development or marketing efforts.


Building an app that is on the lines of WhatsApp app development is not an easy task as it requires a lot of careful planning and research, not to mention the budget, time, and resources needed to get the job done right. But with the right development partner and the right strategy, you can build a successful, secure, and feature-rich app that provides your users with the quality of service they expect.

From working out which features you need to the final cost of the project, there’s a lot to consider when building an app like WhatsApp. But with the right guidelines, you can make sure you get a robust app with the features you need for success.


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