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What is Florida Chinese News?

The Florida Chinese News, the Sunshine State’s first weekly bilingual publication, was founded in 1986 and has a long history of serving ethnic Asian markets in Florida. The Florida Chinese News, in addition to its free print edition, publishes its full content online in digital flip-page format, with no registration or subscription required.

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Design of Project

To provide a personalized experience with an easy-to-use user interface.

Propose a more engaging and seamless reading experience so that users can access news and articles with ease.

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Task Overview & the Challenge

The website’s goal was to foster a sense of community around the Florida Chinese News by allowing users to discover, comment on, and share interesting content.
At that time product owners weren’t happy with the mobile Florida Chinese News experience and hired us to design and develop the Android and iOS apps.

The following were the main challenges we encountered at the start of the app development process

We needed to keep the core features as simple as possible while still creating a well-built mobile adaptation of the extensive recording platform.

We had to work quickly while still developing a user-friendly product.

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