Customized Software Solutions Tailoring CRM & ERP Apps to Your Business

While looking forward to streamlining business processes & for boosting productivity. You can use CRM with an ERP system. It can automate core parts of businesses associated with customers and support overall core business operations as well.

It can easily automate core parts of business associated with customers & Support overall core business operations as well. You can store a massive pool of customer-related data and track customer integration. Your customer order history, customer service request, their shipments to orders, and so on. You can access all the customer data & manage it on a single platform.

Let’s have a look over the end-to-end CRM solutions for your business requirements

A 360-degree view of customers

A potential ERP and CRM Software Development Services integration provides you a 360-degree view of your customer right from prospects to finance & accounting to sales and support, ERP software systems offer complete insights as per your customers’ requirements, order history, & purchasing habits, etc.

A potential CRM & ERP integration provides you a 360-degree view of your customer right from prospects to finance & accounting to sales and support, ERP software systems offer complete insights as per your customers’ requirements, order history, & purchasing habits, etc.

Streamline your business processes

There were days when business operations were manual & time-consuming in the absence of integrated solutions. Today, with the help of, integrated CRM & ERP software solutions, you can get the enhancing productivity through streamlined processes & automated workflow. An integrated software solution eliminates the chance of duplication of tasks related to data entry.

Strategic Consulting

We provide you ERP & CRM consultants that bring broad business knowledge, and our technical expertise will change your enterprise front-office operations income development & strong customer ties by offering the right approach.

Easy access to critical information

Fully integrated ERP and CRM Software Development Services will provide you access to important information in real-time that increases your employee’s ability, efficiency. In case, a customer contacts you for a simple query then the call center representative should not leave for other departments to gather the information of customers’ queries.

Here, a combined ERP & CRM software will empower your employees with full access to their required information with a single click such as access to order history, inventory levels, pricing, shipments, customer financials, returns, payments and so on.

Implementation & Customization

Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. provides you dedicated ERP & CRM consultants with profound technical practical & industry expertise, to envelop all the basis of your managing project. They have knowledge in adapting the CRM experience as per the client’s requirement and also offer in-depth CRM integration services to increase productivity with customer’s available data.

Migration Services

Your implementation matters only when a clean & related data is migrated correctly so that the user can use and rely on the solution. Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. knows the criticality of data quality and has an in-depth knowledge of data migration from the connected systems to CRM & ERP solutions by converting from previous data & collect business data.

Easy Product Upgrade

We provide you fast and affordable upgrades for existing ERP & CRM implementation. Our professionals will do complete strategic analysis of your existing ERP & CRM implementation that will recognize your all concern sections and provide you best methodology & approach with the industry standard for product update.

Rescue & Recovery

ERP & CRM experts will assist your project failing and take it to the achievement process. They help you in rescuing compromised ERP & CRM implementations any time with a complete recovery plan before deploying an ERP system.

Support & Enhancements

Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. Hire ERP & CRM Developers who are strong functional & skill-based on a vast number of implementations with a broad range of industry spectrums. They help you to prepare sales, customer services, marketing, IT teams including strong CRM & ERP business, customization, administration, configuration skills to achieve advanced CRM adoption across your company.

Let’s have a look over the top benefits of investing in ERP & CRM app development

Boost your sales

ERP & CRM integration helps your sales team to access customer order history so that they can easily convert a customer into a buyer.

Accurate production planning and predictions.

ERP & CRM software provides you insights from the past purchasing patterns such as most sold products, less demand products and many more with the help of this an organization can do better production decisions.

Streamlines marketing and sales

ERP & CRM software integration centralize the overall business processes. Through the automation of all customer data, it becomes easy to manage customer information and ensure better customer satisfaction.

CRM based organizations

The main users of the CRM bases are organizations that deal with production, wholesale and retail trade, provision of services, telecommunications, transport and logistics, healthcare, education and so on.



Today, integrating ERP & CRM is becoming more of a necessity than just a productivity-enhancing techniques provided by ERP & CRM Development Company. There are many more features and benefits it provides you apart from above such as saves time, improves communication across platforms and its importance to make sure your system is integrated if you want to leverage data to its fullest.