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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A React JS Developer

Know about the important tips to hire React JS developers at an affordable price? Here we have included all insightful factors that you can consider while hiring React JS developer.

Are you a product manager, technology director, or startup founder looking for React JS developers? This post is for you if the answer is yes. To employ a React JS developer is a costly undertaking. These professionals earn from $92,000 to $130,000 annually because of their valuable skills.

If you want value for your money, choose a good developer service. In this post, you will get answers to the following questions:

  • What is a React JS developer?
  • Why should you hire a React JS developer?
  • How Much Does it Cost to Hire A React JS Developer?
  • Tips for Reducing the Cost of Hiring a React JS Developer

To begin with, let us dive into the main Topic.

What Is A React JS Developer?

What Is A React JS Developer

A React JS Developer is someone who works with the React JavaScript library to build web applications. React JS front-end library is very popular among developers as it allows for creation of reusable UI components and state management of applications.

One such task that a React JS developer can do on behalf of the company is to develop the user interface of aweb application using React, and integrate it with backend systems of the application.

They may also use other technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc for making websites. For example, they need to optimize their web pages or they should have efficient code that are easily maintainable. The examples also include creating user interface components; optimizing web performance and testing applications so as to give best performing experiences for clients.

Developers work in tandem with designers, project managers and other programmers to deliver an endproduct that meets all requirements for end-users in most cases.

Why Should You Hire A React JS Developer?

Why Should You Hire A React JS Developer

The React JS Developer Cost incurred makes you wonder why you should invest in this. There are many reasons why a professional developer is better than a newcomer at the end of the day. Some reasons might convince you to hire teams of React JS programmers.

To Improve Your Product’s User Experience

Applications created by highly skilled React JS developers are effective and prompt. These applications use less power and work well. High-performing apps lead to satisfied users who visit them more often.

Improve Efficiency

Everything in development is about speed. Navigating an unfamiliar process could waste your time without a team of React JS. You can instead concentrate on your job once you have hired React.js developers. On the other hand, we have efficient React.js developers who complete projects fast and with fewer errors.

Extensive Integrations

Some applications require payment gateway features, plug-ins, and many others. Also, some other integrations can boost app performance. For difficult integrations, make sure to hire a React.js development company. Developers are people with experience in creating applications using specific integrations. You can decide on the kind of integrations you wish to have once you know how much it will cost to hire a React.js developer and the hourly rate for a React freelance.

Better Code Support

A code-supportive React JS developer can assist and prevent issues such as bugs, technical debts, missed deadlines, and even cost overruns resulting from poor coding.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A React JS Developer?

If you are new to React JS Development and do not know how much it will cost to hire a React.js Developer, here’s a cheat sheet that gives you the full payout range for hiring a React JS Developer for your project.

A lot depends on what kind of work is needed – building a strong front-end for the web application, using server-side rendering (SSR) to optimize initial page loads for quicker turnarounds, or building a robust interactive UI that offers a premium end-user experience. This is where the expertise of React JS developers comes in.

Typical Rates Charged By React JS Developers

Typical Rates Charged By React JS Developers

According to skill level and experience, this is how much React JS Developers charge an Average Hourly rate:


Type Of React.js DeveloperDescriptionAverage Hourly Rate
Basic Front-EndFront-end
fundamentals (HTML,
CSS, and JavaScript),
familiarity with
libraries like
React.js/Redux, and
React Native for
$15-50 +
Intermediate – Advanced FrontEndBeyond fundamentals,
also skilled in other
front-end JavaScript
frameworks like
Angular, CSS
preprocessors like
frameworks like
$35-100 +
Basic Back-EndBack-end
fundamentals (RESTful
API’s, Lambda
functions, Node.js,
Express). Databases
like MySQL.
$15-50 +
Intermediate – Advanced BackEndBeyond fundamentals,
specialization in a
back-end server
environment like AWS
(Amazon Web
Services), back-end
JavaScript frameworks
like Meteor.js.
$35-100 +
Full Stack DeveloperMix of front-end and
back-end technology
expertise. Expertise
working with MERN
(MongoDB, Express,
React.js, Node.js)
$30-150 +

Cost To Hire React JS Developers In Different Countries

The location of where the developers are based is as important as their hiring React JS Expert Pricing. This can be attributed to the fact that their salaries differ highly from one country to another.

CountryJunior Dev RateSenior Dev RateTime Zone
United States$ 30- $ 80$100- $ 200GMT 4 to GMT- 10
United Kingdom$ 35 – $ 90$110- $ 250GMT
Canada$ 25- $ 60$ 70- $ 120GMT 4 to GMT- 8
Australia$ 40 – $ 80$ 90 – $ 150GMT 8 to GMT- 11
India$ 20 – $ 40$ 50 – $ 90GMT 10 to GMT- 11

How To Reduce The Cost Of Hiring React JS Developer

It can be very expensive to hire React.js developers, but there are some ways to cut costs and still get a good job done. Here are some tips for companies that want to reduce costs associated with hiring a React JS developer.

Why Should You Hire A React JS Developer

  • To reduce the cost of React JS Developer, outsource to cheap locations: For example, to have cheaper outsourcing, it is often more expensive to hire from America or Europe than it is to outsource in Eastern Europe, India or Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, it is necessary to verify if the outsourced team has the right expertise and background.
  • React.js can be hired via freelancers as opposed to agencies so as to save some costs: Usually freelancers have fewer expenses than agencies and therefore they normally charge much cheaper. Moreover, freelancers usually specialize in different areas hence fitting well into various projects. Offering equity or remote work is an inexpensive way of attracting top talent: Many programmers prefer working for startups and may agree on lower salaries on the condition that they are given equity. Also there are developers who like remote work because they want to stay anywhere in the world.
  • Getting a developer with a complementary skillset: The first thing companies should do, is to find candidates whose skills are complementing each other in order to reduce expenses of hiring React JS developers. For example, when project needs both React JS and Backend knowledge, it may be more economical to hire one developer than two of them.


The cost to hire a React JS developer may differ from experience level, skill set, location and project complexity. Standard hourly rate for a React.js Developer can be anywhere within $40 – 200 per hour. This therefore makes it necessary for business entities to pay close attention to their project needs and allocate funds towards getting these developers at the lowest possible costs.


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