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How to Create a Marketplace Website in 2024: Key Features, Steps, and Price

Overview Individuals shopping online because of the global COVID-19. In fact, 40% of consumers are purchasing more online than they were previously. The nicest part about the marketplace platform is […]


Individuals shopping online because of the global COVID-19. In fact, 40% of consumers are purchasing more online than they were previously. The nicest part about the marketplace platform is that anyone can enter and succeed in the market. You don’t need to own any items to start building an online marketplace. Instead, you provide other people’s commodities to users, making a transaction easier. The sharing economy business, which includes peer-to-peer markets, is predicted to be worth $355 billion by 2025. Isn’t that a compelling incentive to give your concept a shot?

Here’s a basic outline of how to create a marketplace website to get you started:

  • Find an expert vendor to help you bring your idea to life.
  • Create an online marketplace development idea and give it to the vendor’s experts to validate.
  • The experts will undertake UX research while keeping metrics in mind.
  • The professionals will gather project requirements and create an online marketplace development feature set.
  • They will develop your minimum viable product (MVP marketplace) in order to gather early feedback.
  • The professionals will test the product before releasing it to the first customers.
  • They will also assist you in monitoring your key metrics and promoting your marketplace platform in order to gain more users.

Let’s look at how to build an online marketplace website or how to start an online marketplace, what is a marketplace, and what you can do right now to ensure the success of your service.

Before Starting Your Own Marketplace, Consider the Potential of Your Idea.

What is a marketplace?

Not every marketplace startup begins with a brilliant concept. To be successful, this idea may need to be tailored to the needs of a certain market. As a result, before launching a marketplace website, it is critical to conduct a market volume analysis. It can assist you in determining which segment of the market to target.

What Are the Possibilities of a Marketplace Idea?


Shopping online is one of the most popular online activities in the world. Global retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022, with marketplaces capturing a small portion of these additional sales. Let’s have a look at the numbers: By the end of 2020, the worldwide market was worth $3.67 trillion. Furthermore, it is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028. In 2020, the world’s largest online marketplaces will have sold $2.67 trillion. In 2020, sales on P2P marketplace platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Airbnb will account for 62% of all internet sales. In fact, they are predicted to generate more than $7 trillion in revenue by 2024, accounting for 90% of worldwide web sales.

The key aspects that have contributed to the global rise of the marketplace market include:

a rise in the number of digital consumers The ease with which mobile devices are now available contributes to the convenience of internet buying. Consumer purchasing habits during the epidemic the absence of a well-organized offline retail sector for the application of AI. As you can see, the possibilities to build online marketplace is enormous. You have the possibility to enter the market with minimal effort and create revenue quickly. Above all, this expansion is being pushed by an increasing number of entrepreneurs who are considering developing marketplace websites in order to expedite online sales, speed cross-border expansion, expand product ranges, improve logistics, automate operations, and cut costs.

Why Should You Launch Your Own Online Marketplace?

Given the marketplace’s development and potential, company entrepreneurs can leverage the marketplace business model to create their own personalized solution. The following are the top advantages to build online marketplace.

Financial Advantages

Marketplace websites allow you to earn money with little effort. There is no necessity to plan production or worry about delivery. All you have to do is set up your own marketplace with distinct features and begin attracting your first customers. Commissions, listing fees, memberships, lead generation fees, advertising, and giving extra services are the most common methods to make money on the network. You may also mix different monetization schemes, but it’s best to start with only one. Following that, you may concentrate on making changes as your bank account rises. The commission business income model, for example, is used by marketplace giants such as, eBay, Etsy, and Uber.

Convenience and flexibility

P2P marketplace systems bring together those who provide value and people who require that value. But how to start an online marketplace website assist you as a business owner? Users on the marketplace are drawn to one another. Customers are drawn to your marketplace by high-quality items, and sellers are drawn to your website by a steady growth in prospective purchasers. As a result, your marketing initiatives will be more successful than autonomous online store advertising. Marketplace platforms offer a wide range of options. Because you are not required to invest in manufacturing, you are free to pick a specialty, industry, or product.

Smooth Development


Many specialists can build a market from the ground up. However, let’s say you desire a fantastic e-commerce project without being engaged in the development process. It is preferable in this instance to outsource web development to a reputable IT provider with extensive knowledge in marketplace website building. This model requires collaboration with a distant software development firm. By doing so, you have a team of trained specialists who will build online marketplace in accordance with your budget, schedule, and specifications. Everything related to development is handled, from management to coding and product release.

Customer Involvement

One of the major advantages of developing a marketplace is that it bridges the gap between numerous suppliers or service providers. Clients are more inclined to use a platform with a big variety of adjustable choices, allowing them to buy what they want without being tied to a single vendor. Furthermore, as the owner of a marketplace, you are not in responsible of product quality. You may help people value the thing they buy for themselves by giving them with extra features. Create a rating system or allow them to publish a product review (written, photo, or video) to gain an additional big benefit.

How to Create a Marketplace Website in 5 Easy Steps

  • Contact a software development provider who is capable of assisting you in creating a marketplace website and answering all of your inquiries.
  • The experts will undertake research, examining potential niche leaders, rivals, and the target audience. They will also assess the viability of your proposal before launching an online marketplace.
  • The vendor’s professionals gather your company’s needs during the planning stage and put them into a feature set. Following that, they will review the costs with you and develop a specification. Experts from the supplier will also put together a development team to build up an online marketplace.
  • The software development team will launch your own online marketplace with a minimal viable product (MVP) version and will recruit trailblazers. Then they’ll add optional functionality, test it, and launch it.
  • They will be concerned with developing a marketing plan for successful marketplace website advertising after constructing a marketplace.

Each level of marketplace software development has its own unique characteristics and winning tactics. So keep reading, and we’ll go through each one one by one.

Research: Getting and Validating Your Idea

You’ve chosen to create your own marketplace. First and foremost, think about selecting an experienced tech partner to help you do numerous investigations on your prospective online resource and design it depending on their expertise and understanding of the issue. Below, we’ll go over the actions you’ll take with your vendor to transform your idea into a cutting-edge e-store.
However, before the professionals assist you in selecting the appropriate marketplace kind, platform, or technology, they do research to see whether there is a need for the program you wish to develop.
As a result, the initial step should be to define your value proposition for your target users. Marketplaces, on the other hand, frequently solve a real problem. Airbnb, for example, addresses the issue of pricey hotel rooms for tourists; BlaBlaCar is a reaction to rigid routes and schedules; and so on.
When the vendor’s specialists outline an issue that needs to be solved, they look at rivals and market leaders. All conceivable niches may already be covered in a broad sense. It implies they think tighter, establish concentration in a desired area, and create a standout online marketplace.
Amazon, for example, began by selling exclusively books. In any case, your proposal appears to be a good fit for you, since you have the necessary background and industry-changing aspirations. Still, competition is too fierce, reducing your emphasis geographically and in terms of the items or services supplied.
When you launch your own online marketplace, the next step is to identify your target audience. Again, a vendor’s meticulous study and research are well worth the work and time. As a consequence, you’ll have a segmented audience, a list of their expectations that can be readily translated into features, and evidence of demand.

How do you validate your market concept?

When you have a concept for a certain form of online marketplace, it’s necessary to validate it to guarantee that you’re on the correct track. You may apply to a knowledgeable web development business with extensive experience in creating e-commerce solutions for this aim. They will perform research that will take some time but will pay off in the end by helping you to avoid some typical blunders.

Such study can help you answer the following questions honestly before going on to the planning


  • Would you use this product, and if so, how frequently?
  • What did the group of potential consumers questioned have to say? How well do they comprehend the function of your product?
  • What is the total addressable market size? How reliant are you on outside resources?

To answer the questions above, you will need to discuss with your partner(s), if you have one, gather input from potential clients through interviews, and conduct some manual research. You should not include relatives and friends in the interview if you want to acquire unbiased advice on how to start an online marketplace.

Planning Stage


This stage, also known as the discovery phase, is the cornerstone for your project’s effective delivery and performance. Every firm arranges things differently.
Shiv Technolabs, on the other hand, pays close attention to the planning stage of the whole development process in order to present our clients with a practical result. Our business analysts examine your business requirements, including technological, functional, and usability requirements. After reviewing all of the incoming data, BA creates a complete project specification as well as a detailed development plan. This paper describes all of the marketplace project’s unique features, tech stack, API integration (for example, payment gateway integration), and so on. UI and UX designers also generate wireframes for each web page. Finally, a thorough estimate is created in collaboration with software engineers and designers, including the implementation time for each feature.
Our customers will then have the option of creating a marketplace website with us, deferring the development stage, or switching to another service provider with all relevant paperwork. In light of the question of how to start an online marketplace, let’s take a closer look at the marketplace website creation process.

Development of a Marketplace Website

There are two techniques to creating a marketplace website:

  • Development from the scratch
  • Development on one of the existing marketplace platforms

Each of these tactics has advantages and disadvantages. If you have a $5,000 budget and want to integrate the website into business operations as quickly as feasible, platform-based development is an excellent option. As a result, custom software will meet all of your business requirements, including features, design, and logic. The from-scratch strategy is seen to be more profitable not only for physical marketplaces but also for internet marketplaces. For example, when it comes to NFT trading platforms,

To build a marketplace website from scratch, go over the following items with your vendor.

Perform a User Experience Analysis of Your Interface

UX analysis investigates and assesses how people interact with the UI of a marketplace website, online app, or landing page in order to improve the user experience. The objective is to increase user flow and the usability of the product.
What is the essence of effective UX analysis? Understanding the user entails empathy for their wants, desires, and product opinions. This information is extremely significant because user experience and site design have such a large influence on conversion rates.
Keep in mind that doing online marketplace UX research is a difficult task. As a result, you may apply to a web development business, and trained professionals will do such an investigation on your behalf.

Develop project documentation.

It is now time to create a project specification that includes precise information about your product, such as the number of features and their complexity, the design, the number of third-party integrations, and so on.
Clients and software developers may have differing ideas about what features are needed and how they should be implemented technically. Specification conducted by professionals from software development suppliers assists in the settlement of these issues.
This stage strives to guarantee that every team member knows the project’s requirements and is prepared to create a marketplace website that meets the client’s criteria.

Develop a Marketplace Website MVP

The software development team comes up with the idea for the marketplace site at this point. First, they create an MVP (minimum viable product). It allows you to verify your marketplace concept while reducing time to market with minimum expenses.
The MVP concept is to create your own marketplace website with enough functionality to attract early consumers and get first feedback. Let’s go through the essential features of an online marketplace.

Must-Have Features

User accounts, profiles, and settings

Creating an online marketplace necessitates the formation of two types of website users: buyers and sellers (or service providers and service consumers) each with their own set of requirements. Simple registration, well-designed navigation, search and filtering, and access to seller information are all crucial aspects for purchasers. Sellers, on their part, would enjoy tools that allow them to manage their private and public information and develop new product or service offers.

Search and filters

Buyers should be able to easily search for items or services on your marketplace website. When creating an online marketplace, consider a system of filters (region, price range, etc.) and related ideas.

Real-time chats

Buyers frequently ask inquiries for vendors while selecting a product or service. It’s critical that they obtain responses quickly, and instant messaging is the greatest way to do it.

Payment systems integration

Our primary responsibility as developers is to assure total security for both buyers and sellers, particularly when it comes to payments. That is why it is critical to use a transparent and trustworthy payment method such as PayPal or Stripe.

Reviews and ratings

Buyers should be able to offer comments and rate the vendor once the transaction is completed. Why should you start your company with an MVP? Check out our video below:

Why is MVP necessary to company success?

When your product begins to generate a profit, you may reinvest money in the development of new features. Here are some suggestions for developing a marketplace website with more advanced functionality.

Advance Features for Buyers

Price comparison

When creating a marketplace website, consider using price comparison as a lead magnet. When a customer searches for a product, the product detail page displays additional comparable offers from other vendors, allowing them to compare pricing.

Advanced search and sorting

Consumers will be able to filter items based on their tastes if sophisticated search options are integrated. It indicates that the web page will display the search results based on the filters used. Users may also sort results based on price, product category, color, and other criteria. The page will display all of the results that correspond to the supplied parameters.


Wishlists are an important component of providing a positive purchasing experience. Buyers frequently are not ready to get certain items but want to remember them in order to compare a few alternatives or purchase them later. Creating an online marketplace with a “wishlist” option allows customers to save items to their favorites.
They’ll receive individualized lists of the items they want to purchase and save them in their personal accounts for future reference.

Social media are an integral component of today’s digital environment. Adding this function to a marketplace would allow customers to share favored content (for example, lottery sales) on various social media networks like as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. This will provide you with an extra promotion channel that will lead to traffic and revenues.

Push notifications

Push alerts may significantly assist to the success of marketplace projects. However, before developing a strong message campaign, it is critical to construct subgroups for devoted customers in order to provide targeted offers. Sending the identical message to every consumer is inefficient, especially if you sell many things. For example, one individual may be delighted about a 20% discount on bags, while another may be excited about a 20% discount on shoes.

Advance Features for Sellers

Buyers’ behavior analysis

Creating a marketplace with analytics tools built in will help vendors to learn customer activity trends and provide them the things they require. For example, data analysis may reveal that your product isn’t selling because customers aren’t seeing it. Misunderstanding consumers’ demands is the last impression a company wants to make since it leads to lost revenue.

Advanced product management

This functionality is essential in order for merchants to provide their clientele with the most modern services. Vendors will be able to add, replicate, modify, and save product descriptions on a single page using this tool. It also enables dealers to put standard and configurable goods characteristics into their product grid, modify any goods information using in-grid editable fields, and save it with a single click.

Increase the number of people who use your online marketplace.

You expected a large number of users, both vendors and purchasers, once the product is released in collaboration with your software development company. However, it takes time and work to develop your marketplace into a lead creation machine. That is why it is critical to build a user base long before launching your own online marketplace.
Determine that your website will not be a blank slate on launch day. This makes engaging new consumers difficult and reduces confidence in your marketplace. So, before you launch your website, spend some work into building a dedicated community.They’ll receive individualized lists of the items they want to purchase and save them in their personal accounts for future reference.

How to Build a Marketplace Website

Important Factors to consider When Creating a Marketplace Website

To develop a marketplace website similar to Amazon or eBay, consider the following:

  • A domain name
  • Account for web hosting
  • The SSL Certificate
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Payment Services
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Module for Advertisement
  • Moderation of content


Building marketplace software necessitates extensive knowledge of the subject. Shiv Technolabs is a professional software development company with extensive expertise in providing a wide range of IT-related services and custom-built software solutions. They increase workflow efficiency, handle business difficulties, and help businesses gain a competitive advantage.


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