App Store Optimization strategies

Keyword research/market research

No doubt application keyword research strategies are different for each app but keywords are the most important factor for your application store search success. You should target the high relevance, traffic & low difficulty or competition.

In the case of newly launched applications, mid & long-tail low competition keywords are best so that it gradually changes them with some more traffic & competition. Also for a maximum reach to users or a good viability, your app should be available globally by optimizing all the languages.

Optimize for Visibility (Search + Browse) & Conversion

For improving the application visibility & conversion rate you have to do a better App Store Optimization Services for each app store.

Apple App Store

  • 1.In Apple Store you can add up to 180 characters.
  • 2.Add keyword in the App Name 30 characters.
  • 3.Add Subtitle in the App Name 30 characters.
  • 4.Add Keywords in the App field 100 characters.

Google Play Store

  • 1.Google indexes every text that appears in the store listing and when it comes to go search, Google Play is similar to SEO.
  • 2.Add keywords in the title 30 characters.
  • 3.Add a Short description of 80 characters.
  • 4.Long description 4,000 characters.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A/B test listing elements like icon, feature image, & screenshots to boost and increase CTR in lists & for getting more installs with the same traffic.

Track / monitor main KPIs

Always keep track of all the KPIs such as Top Charts, CTR to install, Competitor, Keywords, revenue form Organic installs, change in listings, similar application visibility, and many more.

Tips for improving your ASO

Title and keywords are the most important factors for ASO that can be simply changed and you can regularly optimize them.

Main Factors


The keyword placed in the title should be the one with the heaviest search traffic. Place your most relevant keyword, regardless of keyword difficulty in the title.

Spend time researching the quality keyword so that your application begins to rank higher & gain more reviews.

With a sampling of keyword, they looked at the top-ranking positions and calculate what percentage of apps has the keyword in the title compare to those that did not.

It will provide you a total aggregate score for the application with the quality keyword in the title and the apps without the keyword in the title.

Based on this test, apps with keywords in the title ranked on average 10.3% higher than those without a keyword in the title. So now the answer is simple that yes! Keywords are worth placing in your title.


It is time-consuming and requires much effort for constantly tracking your own keywords and also keeping an eye on your competitors as well. To improve your search rankings, use the relevant keywords as per your target audience.

For a great ASO use the service such as track search ranking, choose quality keywords, analyze keywords, and keep updated about your competitors.

Secondary Factors

Total # of Downloads – Your number of downloads are extremely important to ASO, but you don’t have complete control over them. So improving your ASO is a great place to start.

It is all about marketing your brand & application to improve awareness, recognition, & appeal from the app store description to social media presence, images, ratings, reviews.

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews & Ratings are important but difficult to control, because apps with higher ratings also ranked higher. There are ways to incentivize happy users to rate & review, provide them a way to connect directly to the developers. Also guide happy customers to leave positive reviews for you.

For getting rewards of ASO, you require to invest time & effort so that you will get consistent channel driving traffic for your application. Also you require to Hire App Store Optimization Experts .On app sores being found is not that easy for mobile applications but now that issue can actively solve.

A/B test everything

Knowing how much a change is beneficial for your app, you have to test them using an A/B testing tool before doing any modification to the store listing elements. It is better to separate & test them one by one for a better understanding.


How you present your app store product page will have a huge impact on the conversion rate value you get from the page. So choose wisely the best Mobile Application Marketing Company .App stores use keyword triggers in your application title, name, description & related fields so you have to spend your time researching the quality keyword to use & also revisit them at regular intervals for optimizations. Product page CRO should be an ongoing focus area for generating downloads.