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How to Optimize Shopify SEO in Your Store

What is SEO? Search engine optimization works exactly what it sounds like. It is optimizing your website with keywords so you can start ranking in search result, the higher you […]

What is SEO?


Search engine optimization works exactly what it sounds like. It is optimizing your website with keywords so you can start ranking in search result, the higher you score with the keywords & phrases, the higher you get pushed up the rankings.

# How Does This Work?

Search engines index and scrape the data from the website so that when a user searches for a particular word or a phrase the search engine provides a list of relevant search results.

When a user seeks out a product or website by themselves without directly interacting with an advertisement, it is known as organic traffic.

# How Are Websites Ranked?


There are several ways websites are ranked, here we will discuss a few of the major ones:

Creating the backlinks that means a number of links on the other sites that direct back to your store naturally, instead of through paid one.

These can be reviews that pretty much can be anything that points back to your site which is not paid for is in the category, it is known as a backlink.

Whether good or bad, it just needs to be directly linked.

Authority of the website based on engagement & other factors.

If people are on your site, buying products, commenting on articles, sharing your page, pretty much interacting and using your site in any way, you are gaining authority.

# Age Of Domain Name

A new domain have start from scratch. With a new domain, it can be tough to build authority around at first because there won’t be backlinks that come with the brand new.

Here you can get the old domain with lots of backlinks pointing to it from external sources, you can get more authority right off the bat.

It is another factor because buying an old domain doesn’t guarantee huge traffic right off the bat.

You also might pay more for a domain name with a lot of equity attached to it but it depends on what you are willing to pay & how much it will help you.

# Content Optimized For Search Engines

In terms of search ranking factors, there isn’t much you can do, but you have several controls over the content you produce & make public on your Shopify store.

# SEO Tools Built Into Shopify

Here, Shopify itself generates a sitemap that you can submit to search engine for index & crawl your site for relevant keywords. Shopify automatically generates robots.txt that tells search engines to which site is to crawl and which are hidden from indexing. Also, you can specifically hide certain URLs. Themes have a lot of functions built into them that help your Shopify SEO Service by default. Here you can link the social media support as well as add buttons for easy sharing when customers are on your site or store. Themes will generate keywords for all headers and store names. Shopify SEO experts lets you easily edit the search title and Meta description for your store home as well as all products and pages you have.

# Improving SEO

The basic of SEO is very simple, you need to get inside the head of users & think about the keywords & phrases they would be searching for in order to find you.

For getting an effective output, take time & write down keywords. Do research about trending keywords & phrases that are not yet taken advantage of that are also well-related to your site. Here, think about the products you sell & get specific describing them.

After the above process, you need to implement them into product listings in the form of titles, descriptions, and alt-text for product photos & filenames for the images you upload.

Always remember to keep all of your keywords relevant & make your titles, descriptions concise, accurate & relevant. Use the proper keyword & phrases in it, but don’t make your text look like a jumbled mess. Because overloading inaccurate keywords can make your customer questions whether or not your product is actually what it says it is.

The images you upload should have accurate filenames instead of random strings of characters.

Here Alt-text for images explains what is displayed in the photo in a descriptive manner.

By making a custom URL for each product listing with the title or specific keywords in it, you can get a keyword in your product listings.


SEO optimizing your store will help you drive tons of organic traffic that you can turn into sales. By focusing on your site structure and user flow, you can create a seamless, wonderful experience for new users that land on your site. A great website experience combined with great products for sale: THAT is what will help convert visitors to your Shopify store. Soon enough, you’ll be swimming in a sea of organic sales with Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. the leading SEO Company for Shopify. We believe when you provide great products and service, you deserve great traffic!


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