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There is a large pool of eCommerce development platforms available in the digital market, but Shopify is the most preferred platform for online store development across the world. With 4.12 million users worldwide, Shopify is ruling the eCommerce industry in this crowded digital market. The number is massively increasing, so the different demands increase.

Creating a high-performing Shopify store with a lucrative design is not sufficient for store owners; they have to offer advanced features and convenient payment providers that offer a smooth user experience. If one already owns a payment gateway app but it is not available on Shopify, developing a Shopify payment gateway extension is a generous opportunity to leverage the broad Shopify audience.

What is Shopify Payment Gateway Extension?


Shopify payment gateway extension enables store owners to get personalized payment processing services for their customers. When payment providers publish their payment gateway app on Shopify, it becomes a public Shopify payment app. So, Shopify merchants who are looking to get customized payment providers for their stores can install that payment gateway extension to integrate their desired payment processing app easily.

There are mainly 2 types of Shopify payment gateway apps:

1) Offsite payment gateway apps

Offsite payment gateway app development allows Shopify merchants to redirect their customers to app-hosted payment websites to complete the payment process with alternative payment methods supported by the payments app.

2) Credit card payment gateway apps

The credit card payment app allows Shopify merchants to let their customers complete the payment process directly on the Shopify website with additional features such as 3DS authentication supported by the payments app.

Shopify store owners can choose any of two depending on their customers’ preferences or personal preferences. Store owners can choose both payment apps to offer their users a range of payment options and a custom-built user experience. Shopify payment gateway development enables payment providers to generate giant revenue by capturing millions of Shopify users.

Benefits of Shopify Payment Extension Development


Payment app providers develop a payments app extension to offer customized payment processing services for Shopify owners. It is a public Shopify payment app that merchants can install to integrate third-party payment gateway apps on their stores to offer customized payment processes.

The following are the key benefits of Shopify Payment extension development for payment gateway app owners:

  • Allows payment providers to capture the biggest eCommerce market holders, a Shopify merchant community.
  • Enable payment app owners to offer the easiest way to integrate their app with merchants’ Shopify store
  • It helps payment providers enable store owners to have absolutely personalized payment-receiving services.
  • Enables your clients (store owners) to accept payment with alternative payment methods supported by the payments gateway app
  • Capturing wide Shopify merchant co0mmunity, payment app owners can earn massive revenue
  • Allows app owner to offer rock-solid data security and fraud prevention during the payment process
  • Reliable Shopify payment gateway extension development enables you to attract both Shopify and Shopify Plus owners.
  • Build a strong brand identity and generate new sales opportunities.
  • Enhanced custom-built user experience by powering Shopify merchants with Increased efficiency and convenience

The following are the key benefits of Shopify Payment extension development for Shopify store owners:

  • Allows the easiest integration of third-party payment providers to the merchants’ Shopify store
  • Accept online payment through customized payment providers
  • Improved user experience
  • Build a loyal customer base
  • Enable Shopify owners to receive payment securely through different modes like credit/debit, EMI, net banking, wallet, and UPI.
  • Accelerate sales growth
  • Smooth payment process leads to a positive customer experience and boosts customer retention
  • Minimize the chances of human error and fraud

What are the Challenging Tasks for Developing Shopify Payment Gateway Extension Successfully?

Public Shopify payment gateway extension can be a game changer for payment providers as it allows them to target the biggest eCommerce market share holder community. Payment providers can generate massive sales volume by developing a public Shopify payment app…

But but but, Shopify payment app extension development has never been an easy task. Not every Shopify developer or Shopify development agency in the world is allowed to develop payment app extensions. It has several specific requirements for just getting allowed to develop payment app extensions in Shopify. Let’s dive in deep to understand the basic technical requirements and required approvals for Shopify payment app extension development:

Payments App Extension Approval Process


To be eligible for Shopify payment app plugin development, you have to have a Shopify partner account. It doesn’t matter if you have a decade of experience in Shopify development; if you are not a Shopify partner, you are not eligible for payment app extension development.

# Payment Partner Approval

Before getting started with Shopify payment app extension development, you have to submit a request for payment partner approval. Here, Shopify will analyze the demand for payment apps in the market, and if there is a positive response, Shopify will allow you to proceed further. After that, payment app providers have to sign a revenue sharing agreement with Shopify.

# Payment App Extension Review

After becoming a Shopify payment partner, the payment provider needs to develop and configure the payment gateway app extension and submit it for review. If Shopify approves the payment app extension, the payment partner can release the approved payment app extension version.

If Shopify rejects the payment app extension, they will send an email regarding the next steps you should consider. After making the required changes as suggested by Shopify, the payment partner can resubmit his payment app extension for approval.

# Payment App Approval

It is a must for a payment partner to sign a revenue share agreement before submitting the Shopify app extension for approval. Then, Shopify reviews the payment app plugin. If it matches all Shopify guidelines and app requirements, Shopify approves it. After getting Shopify approval, the payment partner can launch their payment app.

Technical Requirements:

  • Implementing Idempotency to offer a consistent user experience
  • App must retry their request according to the retry policy in case of network error
  • Implement authentication to ensure secure and trusted traffic between Shopify and the payment App
  • HMAC parameter included the authenticity of requests to redirect users to payment partners’ app URL and payment app installation
  • Payment partner must implement a supported version of Shopify’s payments apps APIs for sending GraphQL requests.
  • 3-D Secure authentication is a must if providing credit card payment modes in a country
  • Implement GDPR webhooks
  • Payment app charges must be approved by Shopify.

Shopify Payment Gateway Extension Development Cost


That means if you own a payment gateway app that is doing absolutely well on other eCommerce platforms but not available on Shopify, then you need to develop a Shopify payment plugin. Developing a Shopify payment app extension is a lucrative business opportunity but can be a challenging task. It requires a lot of time, Shopify expertise, effort from the developers, considerable investment, security assurance, and compliance.

The cost of the Shopify payment app may vary depending on factors like additional features like tracking functionalities, setting payment icons, adding scripts, etc. Also, Shopify developers’ capabilities and years of experience can affect the cost of Shopify payment app development costs.

Generally, the cost of payment extension development starts from $4250. One can hire dedicated Shopify developers for their custom requirements on an hourly basis: The cost of hiring developers for Shopify payment plugin development may vary between $25 to $150, depending on the level of expertise and location.

As we have discussed the average costs for developing a Shopify payment extension, now let’s move on to the average cost of Shopify payment gateway plugin development location-wise:

Country NameCost
New Zealand$10200

Shopify payment app development offers an attractive business opportunity to both payment providers and Shopify store owners. It enables payment providers to provide better payment processing services to Shopify owners. Custom Shopify payment gateway extension development can allow you to capture a wide range of Shopify merchants and drive crazy revenue. Contact Shiv Technolabs to develop a responsive and feature-packed Shopify payment gateway extension that meets your specific requirements.


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