Let’s discuss the top reasons why PrestaShop is worth considering.

Easy Admin Panel

PrestaShop Admin panel flaunts a more user-friendly design with a relatively shorter learning curve. You should consider this while creating your first online store over the web.

Private Sales Modules

Many times store provides you an exclusive offer in your account or through email for your next shopping experience making it more special & privileged.

Also as an online store owner you can provide a private store module to your potential customers as a limited stock offers. Prestashop Development Services provides you several extension modules for private sales that ultimately help you attract new users for registration, and you can also promote products more effectively by boosting your site traffic.

Products and inventory

PrestaShop gives you the ability to list your products, physical and digital, to sell online and allows you to organize them with categories, features, values, variants, and packs. You can sell customizable goods, track the inventory of each of your products, and create suppliers and manufacturers to associate with their respective products.

Community support

PrestaShop has a very huge community group including Hire Prestashop Developers, designers, and users who are contributing their share to an excellent community support platform.

Customer Support

PrestaShop offers customer support resources on their website including documentation, webinars, videos, tutorials, and a community forum. Unlike many open-source platforms, however, they also give you the option to purchase a customer support plan, which gives you access to personalized technical help for your store.

Moreover, PrestaShop offers training courses with their experts to teach merchants, developers, or digital professionals the ins and outs of their software.

It is open-source CMS

As we have already seen in the above point that PrestaShop is a free, open-source e-commerce CMS. Here you can save a huge amount of e-commerce store development and can be used for your digital marketing campaign later.

It is SEO-friendly

Today, having a Seo optimized store is the need of the hour. Because there are millions of e-commerce sites in the market. Of-course if you want to develop the marketing of your e-store, PrestaShop would allow you to implement SEO so that you can change Title, URL, & many other SEO-related attributes easily.

Easy to create and customize

You can simply hire an expert PrestaShop Development Company that will help you set up a store in a cost-effective manner. Also it will take very little time & effort for building a custom-designed PrestaShop store.


PrestaShop offers one-page checkout and allows you to customize the process offering summary pages, customer account creation, order validation, and confirmation pages.

Server-efficient platform!

PrestaShop can be used for building e-commerce sites that have high demands on web server resources to run efficiently on the platform. Here you need to invest in expensive servers with PrestaShop because it has an in-built page of indexing feature that ultimately helps your e-commerce site to perform faster and better.

Language is no more a barrier with PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a multilingual e-commerce development platform. You can translate it into several different languages, which means you can target a huge demographic.

Modules and themes

You can shop through a large number of themes & modules that can help you increase your online store’s functioning on time. PrestaShop takes complete accountability for the quality & security of these modules by integrating them.

The platform is constantly improving!

Generally, PrestaShop keeps releasing new updates to help store owners get the most of their online business. It provides you interesting features such as reporting responsibilities & system analytics.

Track visitors lets you know who your customers are and where they come from by providing you a great view over statistics. You can also view customers track orders and sales so that you can know when you get most sales by keeping track of your success.

Whereas, Catalogue statistics allows view statistics on how the content is performing, check out your best sellers, and top catalogs. Affiliate Statistics allows learn who is sending most traffic and react to that.

International selling

This platform provides capabilities specifically for businesses looking to sell internationally. PrestaShop gives you the ability to set currencies, use a multi-language product sheet, run multiple stores from one interface, and ensure that your checkout process is compliant with European laws.


With PrestaShop, the platform itself is also very secure out of the box. If you choose a quality hosting provider, you should be more than safe. Plus, you also get access to a much broader collection of add-ons than you do with Shopify, plenty of which are security-related. That means you have more tools for protecting your store, which may help you rest easier at night.


PrestaShop is a simple, powerful online store builder. From the above discussion, we have seen that PrestaShop is one of the best options for your e-commerce store as compare to other platforms in the market. There is no doubt why it is best recommended for SMEs. There are many more benefits and features PrestaShop development provides you apart from the above data. Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. is a leading PrestaShop Development Company. It offers a wide host of PrestaShop development services to build your E-commerce Store more scalable than ever.