Kickstart with Our Comprehensive React Native App Development Services to Own a Fully Responsive App

If you are looking to hire an excellent React Native development company in UAE, you have landed in the right place. Our team of expert React Native developers can help you create fully responsive and highly scalable mobile apps using React Native. Here are some of the extensive React Native development services we offer to help businesses increase sales and improve brand identity:

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • API Integration
  • Redux (Data Management)
  • React Native MVP Development
  • Native UI Components
  • UI / UX | Analytics
  • Application Optimization
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Requirement Identification
  • React Native Code Audit
  • Error Rectification
  • App Performance Improvement
  • Speed And Stability
  • React Native Migration
  • Existing App Review
  • Back-End Development
  • Server-Side APIs Development
  • TypeScript Integration
  • React Native Consulting
  • Custom UI Development
  • React Native Windows App Development
  • React Native For Web Development
  • Flawless Cross-Platform App Development
  • Responsive Design Implementation
  • React Native For Mobile App Development
  • React Native Support & Maintenance
  • React Native Team Augmentation
  • React Native IoT App Development

Top React Native App Development Company in UAE

Build natively compiled cross-platform apps twice as fast at a competitive market price!

As a premier React Native development company, we use cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality results and improve your ROI. Our specialty is developing Android and iOS apps with a single codebase, ensuring your app excels in both the iOS and Android app stores. Additionally, our IoT integration provides smart solutions tailored for the UAE market, improving connectivity and user experience in your applications.



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What Makes React Native the Top Choice for Mobile App Development in UAE?

Over the years, our React Native developers have been in high demand across the UAE, thanks to their ability to cut costs and save time while delivering exceptional performance and an excellent user experience. This trend is only growing stronger. Whether it’s reusing code or creating new code in JavaScript, our React Native app development services continually assist clients in UAE in reaching their targets.

With our advanced React Native app development solutions, including proficiency in React Native Expo and React Native Firebase, businesses in UAE can provide an outstanding user experience and improve productivity. Additionally, we integrate IoT technologies to create smart and connected applications, addressing the unique needs of the UAE market. By combining React Native with IoT, we enable businesses to offer innovative solutions that enhance user engagement and operational efficiency. Here’s why React Native is the favored choice for mobile app development in UAE:

  • Cross-Platform Development
  • High Performance
  • Code Reusability
  • Rich Ecosystem
  • Strong Community Support
  • Hot Reloading
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Integration with Native Code

Dominate the App World with Our Cutting-edge React Native App Development Solutions in UAE

Shiv Technolabs is the leading React Native development company in UAE, known for creating interactive and stunning cross-platform apps. Hire us to develop visually appealing and user-centric mobile apps that cater to the dynamic needs of both iOS and Android users. Our React Native experts conduct a thorough and detailed analysis of your project requirements. By assessing your business goals, product type, and target market niche, we prepare optimal development strategies.

This precise analysis and agile development methodology allow us to provide customized React Native mobile app development services that align with our clients’ business objectives and brand identity. We excel in developing intuitive and interactive hybrid apps using the React Native platform, offering native-like experiences for your target customers. Our services include expertise in React Native WebRTC, Figma to React Native, and leveraging Redux in React Native projects. Among React Native app development companies, Shiv Technolabs is your go-to partner for superior results.

  • Our team at Shiv Technolabs is skilled in utilizing advanced technologies such as IoT, Metaverse, cloud, AR/VR, and blockchain to deliver innovative React Native app development solutions. As a leading React Native development company in UAE, our developers have been at the forefront of the React Native revolution since its inception.
  • We implement the latest and most efficient features of the React Native framework, including OTA updates, modular architecture, code reusability, hot reloading, and third-party libraries, to build native-like experiences for your users in the shortest possible time.
  • With over 8 years of experience, we have been developing React Native mobile apps for clients across the UAE. Our diverse portfolio showcases our ability to deliver cross-platform apps that meet international quality standards.
  • Before commencing development, we sign a strict NDA with clients, covering intellectual property rights, source code, copyrights, confidential letters, and MoUs, ensuring complete ownership and privacy of the project.

Expand Your Business in UAE with Our Premier React Native Development Services

As a top React Native development company in UAE, we offer highly personalized React Native development services tailored to your business objectives and specific requirements. Our expert team specializes in custom mobile app development, CRM/CMS integration, eCommerce app creation, and cross-platform development using the React Native framework. If you aim to develop custom React Native mobile apps or APIs, our team will maximize the capabilities of React Native for your needs!

  • ReactJS Migration and Upgrade Services

    React Native App Migrations

    As an excellent React Native app development agency, we have a stronghold in migrating mobile apps from any other platform to React Native.

  • React Native App Integrations

    Our developers specialize in adding new React-based screens, views, features, etc., to existing native mobile apps.

  • uiux-design-icon-1

    React Native UI/UX Design

    We are committed to following the standard React Native UI/UX design principles and tools to deliver user-centric, visually pleasing UI and a great user experience.

  • MVP Development Services

    Be it new companies looking for prospects or existing ones looking to introduce new products; we have been consistently helping brands with the basic version of their products with core features.

  • React Native Support & Maintenance

    As the best React Native development company, Our app developers enabled numerous brands to stay updated by providing exceptional support for optimizing, updating, and maintaining.

Flexible Hiring Plans for React Native App Development in United Arab Emirates

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React Native Developer with an Average 5+ Years of Experience

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Mr. Dipen Majithiya

(Chief Technology Officer)

Mr. Dipen is a proactive chief technology officer (CTO) of Shiv Technolabs with 12+ years of experience in eCommerce, mobile apps, and web development. He is known for taking calculated risks, harnessing the latest technological advancements, and has mastered core technical domains. He has empowered countless business owners with bespoke solutions.

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React Navigation Redux Axios React Native Vector Icons React Native Paper Firebase Social Login Payment SDK(Stripe, Braintree, Google Pay, Razorpay) Chat SDK socket.IO


Android IOS Desktop TV Application

Frameworks and Languages

JavaScript (ES6+) TypeScript Expo Node.js GraphQL

Tools & Utilities

Visual Studio Code Xcode Android Studio React Native Debugger Fastlane Version control tools (Git, GitLab, Bit Bucket)


SQLite Firebase Realm MongoDB PostgreSQL

Unit Testing

Jest Enzyme React Native Testing Library Component testing Plain JavaScript Detox Mocha

AI Tools

TensorFlow.js Brain.js Dialogflow IBM Watson

Top On-demand React Native App Categories We Provide in UAE

Our developers integrate the latest and most requested features to build high-performing React Native apps for on-demand services, ensuring a seamless user experience. If you require a cross-platform app using the React Native framework for any category, we are prepared to deliver exceptional results. We’re here to assist you!


Our Portfolio!

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For more than 8 years, we have collaborated with numerous established brands across various industries. As a top React Native mobile app development company, we are committed to maintaining a history of developing intuitive and responsive cross-platform mobile apps for our clients. Our highly skilled React Native app developers bring extensive expertise, modern techniques, and advanced tools to each project. We have successfully delivered over 100 hybrid apps across different industries, categories, and business sizes.

We are ready to deploy your dream app 2x faster!

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Agile Development Process for Flawless React Native App Development in UAE

As a leading React Native app development company in UAE, we specialize in creating feature-rich hybrid mobile apps with excellent design, advanced functionalities, and seamless integrations. We follow an agile development process to ensure the delivery of bug-free and efficient solutions. Once we receive your requirements, our React Native app developers will start building and delivering outstanding cross-platform apps from the ground up.

Requirement Meet
SRS Documentation
Project Structure Creation
Design Creation

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Turning Your IDEA into REALITY!
We are committed to establishing ourselves as the leading provider in React Native mobile app development. Our ratings and recognitions highlight that when business owners look to expand through high-performance hybrid mobile app development services, we are their preferred choice. We consistently set new benchmarks in delivering efficient React Native app development services promptly and effectively.

Flexible Engagement Models for React Native App Development in UAE


React Native Team Augmentation

Improve your development efficiency through our staff augmentation services. Collaborate with our skilled React Native developers to create cross-platform applications for your business.

  • Expert React Native Developers
  • Team Expansion Options
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Faster Development
  • Robust Applications
Dedicated Flutter Team

Dedicated React Native Team

Onboard a team of dedicated developers skilled in agile and high-quality cross-platform app development. Experience real-time support and innovative solutions for your project.

  • More Client Involvement
  • High-quality Software Solutions
  • Cross-platform expertise
  • On-time Delivery
  • Strict NDA

React Native Development Outsourcing

Redefine your business standards with our React Native development outsourcing services. Access a talent pool of developers for improved workflow, smooth integration, and effective strategy execution.

  • No Hidden Cost
  • Improved Workflow Efficiency
  • Smooth Integration Process
  • Effective Strategy Execution
  • Skilled React Native developers
  • Business Standards Redefined
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a unique idea in mind but confused about the basic information like development cost, development time, support, etc.? Below are some of the most popular questions that might help you find your answers.

What is the cost of developing a React Native app in UAE?

The cost of developing a React Native app in UAE varies based on the project’s complexity, required features, and development duration. On average, a basic React Native app can cost between AED 73,000 to AED 183,000, while more complex apps can range from AED 183,000 to AED 550,000 or more.

What are the hourly charges for React Native developers in UAE?

The hourly charges for React Native developers in UAE can range from AED 183 to AED 550 per hour, depending on the developer’s experience, skill level, and the project’s requirements.

What are the advantages of cross-platform app development with React Native?

Cross-platform app development with React Native offers several advantages, including reduced development time and cost, a single codebase for both iOS and Android platforms, easier maintenance and updates, and a large community of developers for support and resources.

Why should I choose Shiv Technolabs for React Native app development in UAE?

Shiv Technolabs provides experienced React Native developers, a client-focused approach, and a proven track record of delivering high-quality cross-platform apps. Our team offers real-time support, innovative solutions, and strict adherence to deadlines and confidentiality agreements.

How does cross-platform app development with React Native benefit my business?

Cross-platform app development with React Native allows you to reach a wider audience by supporting both iOS and Android platforms with a single codebase. This approach saves time and resources, facilitates quicker updates, and ensures consistent performance across different devices.

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