How to Enable Infinite Scroll for Your Shopify Collections?

The visitors of your site should not forget the experience they encounter while shopping on your site thus make it memorable and attractive to encourage their loyalty. One way of […]

The visitors of your site should not forget the experience they encounter while shopping on your site thus make it memorable and attractive to encourage their loyalty. One way of doing this is by making navigation through your shop as easy and pleasurable as possible.

Can one imagine? Have you ever thought your customers could endlessly discover new products without pressing the “next page” button? This is exactly what Infinite Scroll does!

If new items are always being loaded at the bottom of the page as they appear, then there can be no end to the interest generated in these treasure hunts.

This blog will discuss Simple steps for enabling an Infinite Scroll to the Shopify Collection Page. But before, let us tell you: What is an Infinite Scroll in Shopify?

So here we go!

Table of Contents:

1) What is Infinite Scroll in Shopify?

2) Benefits of Infinite Scroll for Shopify Collections

3) Options to enable Infinite Scroll to the Shopify Collection Page

4) How to enable Infinite Scroll to the Shopify Collection Page?

5) Conclusion

6) Faqs

What is Infinite Scroll in Shopify?


Infinite Scroll in Shopify is a tool that handles navigation and makes it convenient for people to look at the range of items sold on the e-commerce platform without difficulties. Shopify’s endless scroll feature allows for hands-free viewing of product displays as clients go through them. It is one competitive advantage, especially for stores with a large number of products, since customers can surf through many things quickly without having to wait for individual pages to load one by one.

However, there are also disadvantages to the infinite scroll. It can be hard for some users to see certain items or return to the ones they have already viewed. Also, slow processing rates due to different hardware devices and network limitations can slow down the work of a website, thereby speeding up its performance. Store owners in Shopify should consider usability and performance issues before deciding whether to use Infinite Scroll.

Benefits of Infinite Scroll for Shopify Collections


  • Effortless wanderings: Imagine a perfect situation where consumers can glide effortlessly through countless products. Endless scrolling means customers don’t have to click their way through, enabling them to find new things with minimal effort. This may lead to prolonged browsing and stumbling upon previously concealed answers.
  • Increasing Participation: Visitors are constantly provided with new wares, which helps to keep them visually stimulated and interested. Continuously, they have new things to choose from, thus developing a sense of discovery and thrill. This makes shopping more fun and increases their chances of getting something unexpected in it.
  • Reduced Bounce Rate: Visitors are less likely to leave a collection page if they do not find what they want on the first few pages, as is common with traditional pagination. It is, therefore, frustrating that infinite scroll does not limit choices. Furthermore, it allows customers to hang around and go on searching, maybe landing just the right product they never knew was there.
  • Improved Sales Potential: Infinite scroll can increase sales by keeping visitors engaged and making them look at more products. Because customers view many items, there is an increased chance of finding something that appeals to them and makes them buy it.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Having an easy phone experience today is so important. This is why Infinite Scroll works well in mobile browsing, allowing the user to scroll smoothly and find products easily without having to zoom in or click tiny buttons.

Options to enable infinite Scroll to Shopify Collection Page


An important feature added to a store is Shopify’s infinite Scroll, which is meant to improve customers’ product browsing experience. The ways you can enable infinite Scroll to your Shopify Store are primarily two:

  • Use an application: Numerous apps provide this functionality on the Shopify platform. This is the easiest way but comes with a monthly subscription fee.
  • Change liquid theme code: Custom code may be used to add the Shopify infinite scroll on Shopify collection pages. You must have basic coding knowledge.

How to enable Infinite Scroll to the Shopify Collection Page?


Enabling infinite Scroll for Shopify collections by adding a custom liquid snippet to your theme, which should be rendered in the collection page template, is possible. For this reason, we developed this code that you can use to activate Infinite Scroll on Shopify.

This is how you can enable Shopify collection pages’ infinite Scrolling:

  • Go to Online Store > Themes in Shopify admin. In the Customize button, three dots, select Edit code.
  • On the left side of the Shopify theme editor, click ‘Add a new snippet’ and create a new one, naming it Shiv-infinite-scroll.

To do so, you need to copy the code for the theme that will enable infinite Scrolling in Shopify:

  • Paste this code into Shiv-infinite-scroll.liquid file and save it.
  • Now, we will call the Shopify infinite scroll snippet saved in advance on the collections page.
  • Open the theme editor’s collections page section liquid file and insert the below code before {%- and paginate -%}
  • Then, Save.

If users reach the bottom of a Shopify collection page, it will automatically load the next page. This approach also adds a scroll top button to pages.


Continuous Scrolling can improve your store’s browsing experience. However, you need to factor in performance and control as well. Therefore, you should consult a Shopify store customization services expert who will guide you on integrating it without compromising speed or navigation options.

Shiv Technolabs is the leading developer of user experience in Shopify stores. Their team of highly trained professionals will guide you through incorporating infinite Scrolling into your collection pages so that they become more efficient and pleasurable for your customers while shopping. Contact Shiv Technolabs Shopify store development company today so that they can help you unlock what is possible with infinite Scrolling.


# Can I the Infinite Scrolling feature on my Shopify store?

Your Shopify store could benefit from infinite scrolling as this would be ideal for a retail shop that has a large inventory of products. It will enable customers to view more items, which means it can potentially increase your sales. However, do not forget that this may not work for stores stocking few items or those that value fast loading.

# How to activate Infinite Scroll?

Infinite Scroll normally starts as you move down the page continuously loading more products and does not require any action on your part.

However, some apps allow you to set up a delay before beginning infinite Scrolling until you have scrolled a certain amount or reached a particular product position.

# What happens when customers click on their browsers’ back button after loading additional products in an infinite scroll?

This will depend on how it was implemented. It would be perfect if the user could return to what they had before and not see more products due to endless Scrolling. Some apps or custom code require additional functionalities to handle this scenario seamlessly.


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