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Hire Dedicated UI/UX Designers from Shiv Technolabs, a top-rated Mobile app development Company, to get the most out of your money and provide high-quality answers for your work and questions. Our UI UX Designers for Hire make sure that your website remains interesting and draws in new visitors.

Shiv Technolabs hire UX Designers that are enthusiastic, experienced, and competent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and who are dedicated to creating user interfaces that grab the attention of a growing number of people. We provide a wide range of Web designing Services to our worldwide clients, ranging from complex graphics to constructing logos and hyper user-interactive sites, all of which enhance the user experience and meet the needs of our clients.

Graphics Designers have helped to curate a better visual and graphical approach for users, making it easier for them to experience a website and enhancing their engagement and stay on the website. You've come to the correct place if you want to build highly dynamic, visually appealing, and cost-effective websites or applications. Shiv Technolabs has dedicated Website Designers that can transform your websites into living artworks.

IDEA OF Dedicated UI/UX

Learn how Shiv Technolabs can help you hire a dedicated UI UX Designer.

  • Gather Business Requirements
  • Defining Technology Road Map
  • Schedule Meetings and Discussions
  • Shortlisting and Finalizing Process
  • Contract and Payment

Work Timeline

Hire Our skilled Web Designers work on your project from the initial understanding of your Company goals to pixel-perfect product Design.


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Why Hire UI/UX Designers From us?

To obtain the dynamic and engaging design of your business solutions, you should engage a Dedicated UI/UX Designer. Hire Web Designer team is capable of providing high-quality app and website design.

Highly Experienced Team Hire UX Designers has Extensive Expertise Working in a wide range of Industries. To obtain the best design service for creating unique company solutions, Hire UI UX Developer.

Skilled Designers Hire us to create complicated business solutions with UX designers with a skill set. You may contact or employ UI UX professionals to develop your goods without any trouble.

Maximize Revenue A well-designed website attracts visitors, Resulting in increased sales and Revenue. Hire UI UX Designer from our firm to boost your company's profits with high-quality design solutions.

Reduced Risk Factor We make certain that you hire UI designers that are capable of delivering solutions that adhere to rigorous security guidelines. As we adhere to established security procedures, our designers use best practices to keep the online and mobile app solutions secure.

Advanced Methodology To service our clients all around the world, we use a uniform work methodology and industry standard standards. Our design methodology is built on an agile methodology for developing business-oriented solutions quickly.

Eliminate Extra Cost Shiv Technolabs is in charge of managing its team, infrastructure, and other aspects of the client's projects. We do not charge any additional fees to our clients.


Time Duration

One Month (160 hours)



part time

Minimum Time Duration

O4 hours a day




Time Duration





Time Duration



Milestone Based

What is the difference between user interface/user experience (UI/UX) design and web design?

The most significant distinction between UI/UX design and web design is that web design focuses on the appearance of a website, whereas UI/UX design focuses on the user experience of utilizing a site or app. The ultimate objective of UI/UX design is to create something that affects a user's intended behavior and decision-making process, not just looks good.

How long does it take to develop a website on average?

Any website design is dependent on your website's requirements.

What would your design's minimal cost be?

The cost of design is determined by the level of customization required by the customer, much as the cost of a McDonald's burger is determined by the type of burger ordered.

Do you also customize data in terms of design?

Yes, we adapt data in the design to meet the needs of the customer.

What types of photo shoots do you perform?

We shoot a wide range of products, as well as fashion and e-commerce photography.

What file type’s do you provide?

The following file extensions are available from us: Image files - JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF Source files - Sketch, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Adobe XD, EPS HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and MySQL code files.

Do you adhere to the brand's guidelines?

Yes, for the designs that we make, we follow precise guidelines supplied by you. Any brand guidelines are also included.

Is it possible for me to have a completely working landing page in a month?

Yes, depending on the intricacy of the design, transitions, animations, and the amount of pages, you can obtain a completely working landing page designed and developed in a month.

Are you only a web designer?

Websites, custom applications, and mobile apps are all designed by our UI/UX team.

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