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Top Companies Using Flutter to Build Their Products in 2024

Discover how top companies are using Flutter to build their products in 2024. This versatile framework powers applications for various industries, showcasing its robust capabilities and flexibility. From eCommerce giants to innovative startups, learn how Flutter is transforming the way businesses develop and deliver high-quality digital experiences.

Over the years, Flutter has seen significant growth in popularity, driving an expanding array of digital products. Initially a tool for developing iOS and Android apps, Flutter has matured into a comprehensive cross-platform UI development solution. Nowadays, it supports the creation of applications for smartphones, desktops, embedded systems, and the web, fostering an ecosystem of interchangeable components.

How Many Flutter Apps Are There?

As of 2024, there are over 1 million apps built with Flutter, showcasing its popularity and wide adoption among developers. This open-source UI toolkit by Google has become a preferred choice for creating cross-platform applications, offering a consistent user experience across Android, iOS, web, and desktop platforms. The growing number of Flutter apps highlights its robust capabilities and developer-friendly features.

1) Google Ads

Google makes use of Flutter for different applications, showing its dedication to this free UI Software Development Kit. One of the most well-known applications built using Flutter includes Google Ads, which is the Google Ads app, which lets advertisers manage their campaigns while on the move. With more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store, the app is a result of Flutter’s ability to offer a seamless experience for each of the Android as well as iOS platforms.

In 2024, the investment of Google in Flutter is still strong in the years to build and enhance the framework. Flutter’s hot reload feature dramatically decreases the development time, which allows Google to release changes and features much faster. This feature has been instrumental in Google Ads’ high user rating of 4.3 stars.

Google Stadia, the cloud gaming service, also gets benefits from Flutter. The Stadia application that lets players manage their gaming settings and library has seen steady improvement due to Flutter’s speed and scalability. Due to the rapid growth of the gaming industry’s expansion, Google’s usage of Flutter is proof of its capability to accommodate advanced, high-performance apps.

2) Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group, a global eCommerce giant has successfully integrated Flutter into its process of development. The Xianyu application, a second-hand market that Alibaba has developed, is one of its important Flutter-based offerings. With over 200 million customers The app showcases Flutter’s ability to handle large volume of traffic and offer a seamless user experience.

In recent times, Alibaba has reported a significant increase in engagement on its Xianyu application. Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities allow Alibaba to provide a consistent experience across all devices, which has contributed to the app’s increasing popularity. The app’s success shows the ways in which Flutter is able to handle massive-scale applications within a highly competitive market.

The extensive widget library of Flutter allows Alibaba to design an appealing and user-friendly design interface to Xianyu. This flexibility is essential for maintaining the satisfaction of users and keeping up with changing fashions in design. Alibaba’s usage of Flutter is a demonstration of the framework’s durability in enabling large, dynamic applications.

3) BMW

BMW has embraced Flutter to create the next generation of digital experiences for cars. The My BMW application lets users communicate with their vehicles from a distance benefit from Flutter’s top efficiency and reliability. With features like remote starting as well as vehicle status checks as well as navigation features, this app offers the most comprehensive tools for BMW owners.

By 2024 BMW is continuing to develop their My BMW app with Flutter making use of the framework’s capabilities to design robust and responsive interfaces. It has been receiving a positive reviews from users, earning an average rating of 4.5 points on Google Play Store. This rating is a testament to Flutter’s reliability as well as the excellent user experience offered by Flutter.

BMW’s involvement with Flutter extends to the in-car information systems. The inclusion of Flutter within these systems provides the same experience across all models and geographical regions. This consistency is essential to keeping the brand’s reputation of high-quality and innovative in the auto industry.

4) eBay

eBay is a major global eCommerce platform, has incorporated Flutter in its mobile app development plan. This is the eBay Motors app, designed specifically to facilitate the purchase and sale of automobiles, showcases the capabilities of Flutter. With more than 1 million users downloading it, the app benefit from Flutter’s performance efficiency along with cross-platform integration.

The application of Flutter has allowed eBay to provide regular updates and brand new features, which improves users’ experience. In 2024, Flutter continues to earn high marks which are currently with 4.2 rating on Google Play Store. This praise is a testament to the app’s reliability and its user-friendly interface, features that are backed by Flutter’s strong framework.

The decision of eBay to utilize Flutter is also indicative of Flutter’s capability to handle large-scale, dynamic apps. eBay Motors is one of them. eBay Motors app includes features such as detailed listings of vehicles as well as search filters and an integrated option for payment. The extensive library of Flutter’s built-in widgets allows eBay to create these features in a timely manner, while also keeping a competitive edge in the marketplace.

5) Tencent

Tencent is one of the largest tech businesses, utilizes Flutter for a number of its most important applications. The WeChat app, with more than 1 billion active monthly users, uses Flutter to deliver an identical experience across platforms. This is crucial for an app that functions as a primary means of communication for a large number of users.

In 2024, WeChat’s integration with Flutter is a key factor that has led to its ongoing success and its high level of engagement with users. It offers messaging social media, messaging, as well as payment options and all of them benefit from the flexibility and performance of Flutter. This flexibility makes it possible for Tencent to introduce new features and updates quickly and keep the app in a competitive position.

Tencent’s usage of Flutter extends to other apps within the Flutter ecosystem. The ability of the framework to offer visual and high-quality interfaces makes it the perfect option for Tencent’s wide range of products. This use-case of Flutter highlights its ability to manage large and complex applications in a competitive market.

6) Nubank

Nubank is a renowned online bank has chosen Flutter as its banking mobile application that provides a secure and easy-to-use platform for customers. With more than 40 million users Nubank’s Nubank app offers a range of banking services such as the management of accounts, payments as well as loans. All crafted using Flutter’s strong framework.

In recent times, Nubank has seen significant increase in its business, which is largely due to its easy-to-use app. Flutter’s hot reload feature enables Nubank’s developers to test rapidly and improve the application constantly. Flutter’s rating at 4.8 rating on Google Play Store reflects its reliability as well as the excellent user experience that it gives.

Nubank’s use of Flutter is a demonstration of Flutter’s capability to accommodate complex and secure applications. The application’s integration with Flutter guarantees an identical experience across devices, which is essential to maintain confidence and satisfaction of customers in the increasingly competitive digital banking industry.

7) utilizes Flutter to create its real estate application offering a fluid and easy interface for searching properties. With millions of users using the app, it includes features such as detailed listing of properties as well as virtual tours and mortgage calculators, all backed by Flutter’s powerful performance.

By 2024’s application continues to grow in popularity, with high ratings and positive feedback from customers. The app’s success is largely due to the fact that Flutter can provide the same experience across all the various platforms. This makes it easy for users to find information on real estate from any device. This is essential in a marketplace where timely as well as accurate data is essential.

The vast widget library Flutter offers has allowed to develop an appealing as well as user-friendly experience. The app’s style and function benefit from the capabilities of Flutter which allows to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the demands of its clients on the residential real estate industry.

8) Square

Square Financial Services, a financial service and mobile payment provider is integrating Flutter to its application for mobile development. Square’s Square Point of Sale (POS) app, used extensively by companies for transactions shows Flutter’s capability to manage complicated, high-traffic applications. It has over a million downloads. Flutter supports features such as managing inventory levels, selling tracking and feedback from customers.

In 2024 in 2024, in 2024, the Square POS app continues to flourish, thanks to Flutter’s reliability and regular updates. The app’s score with 4.6 points on Google Play Store reflects its efficacy and the satisfaction of its users. Flutter’s capabilities have enabled Square to keep its name as a top financial service provider.

The use of Flutter by Square extends to its larger collection of apps, including the Cash App which allows peer-to-peer payment. Flutter’s flexibility and effectiveness makes it a great option for Square’s vast array of financial services, which ensures users with a consistent and top-quality experience.

9) Reflectly

Reflectly, a well-known journaling app, utilizes Flutter to offer a customized and enjoyable user experience. It offers daily prompts, mood-tracking and a wealth of data and is built on the flexible Flutter framework. With more than 10, million downloaded, Reflectly benefit from the ability of Flutter to offer a visually attractive and user-friendly interface.

The year 2024 is the last time Reflectly is still receiving favorable feedback from its users with a score in the range of 4.7 5 stars in the Google Play Store. Flutter’s hot reload feature enables Reflectly’s developers to improve rapidly, making sure the app is always updated with the latest features and enhancements. This feature is essential to ensure that users are engaged in the highly competitive wellness app market.
The extensive widget library of Flutter has allowed Reflectly to design distinctive and attractive designs, which enhances users’ experience. The app’s success is a testament to Flutter’s capability to provide creative applications within the wellness and health sector offering a secure and fun platform for its users.

10) Google Stadia

Google Stadia, the cloud gaming platform, makes use of Flutter to create its mobile application, which provides players the ability to access their gaming collection and their settings. The app has an easy-to-use interface that lets players access to their gaming accounts, buy games, and keep track of their progress, all made using Flutter’s powerful framework.

In 2024 it is expected that the Stadia app will continue to serve the growing number of users benefiting from Flutter’s speed and versatility. The app’s score at 4.4 rating on Google Play Store reflects its reliability and satisfaction of users. Flutter’s ability to provide the same experience across all devices is essential to maintain customer engagement in a game industry that is highly competitive.

Google’s choice to utilize Flutter to power Stadia is a demonstration of the framework’s capacity to manage complex applications that have the highest expectations of users. The application’s success is a testament to Flutter’s strengths in providing responsive and stable interfaces, which makes it an excellent tool to develop games that are extremely fast.

Your Turn

In 2024, Flutter continues to be a popular choice for many top companies, proving its effectiveness in building versatile and high-quality applications. From eCommerce platforms to innovative digital banking solutions, Flutter’s capabilities are transforming various industries. Companies like Google, Alibaba, and BMW are leading the way, showcasing the framework’s strengths.

For businesses looking to stay competitive, partnering with a Flutter app development company in the USA can provide the expertise needed to create robust applications. Skilled Flutter App Developers are essential in maximizing the potential of this technology. As the demand for cross-platform solutions grows, Flutter remains at the forefront.

In conclusion, Flutter’s versatility and performance make it an ideal choice for companies aiming to build exceptional digital products. If you’re seeking to develop your next project with this powerful framework, consider working with a leading Flutter app development company in the USA. Our experienced Flutter App Developers are ready to bring your vision to life.

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